7 Things You Must Do before Selling your Car

Selling Car

It isn’t easy to get rid of your pride. However, there comes a time when you have to bid adieu to it. The task is not easy emotionally and physically. There are certain crucial points to be taken into consideration in this respect. Here’s a to-do checklist that you must check before selling your car. This will ensure you maximum profit with minimal fuss:

1. Get your Car Inspected:

Selling car with too many faults whether small or big can give more negotiating power to your buyer. With faults that one can pick, it becomes easier to try and cut down on the final sale price. So it is better to get your car checked with a professional and make arrangements for fixing them up.

2. Clean your Car Well:

Make sure the car is as clean as possible when you put it up for sale. Start by cleaning out the inside of your car and remove all old wrappers, dust, bottles, cans, and gum. Also look for any impeaching evidence of your personal life. Don’t forget to hit the target areas listed below when cleaning the interiors:

– Seats (you need to treat the leather and vacuum the cloth)

– Carpets

– Ashtrays

– If you smoke, it is important that you focus on steam cleaning

– Glass areas inside the car

– The dash

As far as the exteriors go, make sure you wash the car, clay the paint, and wax the car well. You may also go for a professional cleaning session.

3. Beautiful Pictures:

This is very important if you are serious about selling your car. Get ‘show’ quality photos of your car. Try and find a bright, beautiful location and also use a nice camera. The pictures should be taken all the way around the car. It also helps to click each part of car from the interior. You may even rent a professional camera if required.

4. Professional Proofreading:

In case, you are not a good writer, it is better to get your ad proofread from someone else. You may ask your friend to do it or a professional.

5. Be Honest:

Yes, when selling a car, you need to be brutally honest. So include the following details honestly in your ad:

– Size and type of engine

– Type of transmission

– Any failed parts

– Number of miles

– Any major / minor damage

– Good qualities unique to your vehicle

– All new parts recently installed

– Price

– State of negotiation

Get more information or read the latest car news in Hindi online and know what more to include in this list.

6. Get a Bill:

It is crucial to get a bill for sale. Although not required everywhere, it helps make the sale clear by identifying the vehicle you are selling, and various conditions attached to the sale. Some require the seller to go through the DMV. Do an online research to know the forms you need.

A standard bill of sale must include:

– Your name

– Your address

– Name and address of buyer

– The vehicle identification number (VIN)

– Year, make, and model of the car

– Purchase price

– Odometer reading

– Date of sale

– Your signature

– Signature of the buyer

7. Don’t Get Emotional:

It is not wise to get emotional when you have decided to sell your car. Cry and drink as much as you want during the initial days and then cut yourself off completely. Remove yourself as far as possible from the car. Remember you will sell it for a better price and may buy yourself a better faster car. Once the “For Sale” sign is placed in the window, it is no longer ‘your’ car. Don’t be fussy about who you wish to sell it to and what they would do with your baby. Sell and forget about the car.

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