5 advantages of using Budget Dedicated Hosting for your business

2. Budget dedicated hosting

Most businesses these days have an online counterpart in addition to their geographical head offices in order to establish a more extensive client base. Be it in the form of portals or websites and at times even interactive forums and blogs, an online presence has become extremely important for business companies worldwide. As such, the need to have a proper hosting service for your site is paramount.

A hosting service is a service provided by hosting companies that host your websites on the internet. To put it simply, every website requires some server space to be viewed on the internet. A web hosting service provider provides you with the server space, and other technical requirements to successfully launch your website on the World Wide Web. The setup, maintenance, repair as well as troubleshooting problems are all part of the services given by the Web hosting provider.

Usually, only a certain part of server space is allocated to a certain website. As such, multiple websites share one host server. However, in dedicated hosting, as the name suggests, an entire host server is dedicated to just one particular website. Due to this, the website has access to better technical specifications like better RAM, better CPU power, more disk space, increased bandwidth, etc. all of which reduce the chances of a site being down due to increased traffic or low bandwidth issues, and ensure smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the site thus increasing its up time.

Dedicated hosting is mostly preferred by big businesses which have increased payload and channel higher traffic to their site. Having an entire server dedicated to their business helps their website run smoothly and increases their profits. Here’s looking at the top 5 advantages of using Budget Dedicated Hosting for your business.

Better performance and security:

As opposed to shared hosting, the primary advantage of dedicated hosting is that you have complete access to all the resources. This means you’ll never run out of RAM just because some other site is using up all your resources or hogging the entire bandwidth with high traffic. This results in higher up time and better performance for your site. Also, with dedicated hosting, you have complete control on the server, and you can thus install and set up your stringent security measures to protect your site from hacking and phishing attacks.

Unique IP address:

With multiple websites sharing the same server space, a common server IP address belongs to all the sites. But in dedicated hosting, you can have your unique IP address solely reserved for you. Hence, budget dedicated hosting is usually preferred by big e-commerce sites having SSL certificates for payment gateways.

Flexibility and Customization:

Because you own your server, you have the complete freedom to access it at will and make customization to it. You can install security setups, different operating systems and also configure your server for advanced settings and customization, all without worrying about interfering with the working of the other sites on the server as is the case in shared hosting. This makes dedicated hosting much more flexible and optimizable than shared server hosting.

Higher Speed:

With dedicated hosting, since you have the entire bandwidth capacity of the server at your disposal, you can rest assured that your site will load much more quickly even in case of high traffic. This results in a better browsing experience for your customers as all the pages of your website load quickly, thus attracting new users to your site.


Budget dedicated servers are beneficial even for future growth of a business. As your company expands, your need and requirements will change. If you already have a dedicated server, you can quickly scale your system to meet the ever-changing demands of the business. Unlike shared hosting, where you keep running out of space with the increase in the volume of work, dedicated hosting ensures that your business can safely grow without you having to worry about any technical details.

Although shared hosting has always been the more reasonable choice for many businesses, it has its limitations. Dedicated hosting, though relatively costlier, is more cost efficient in the long run concerning the features it offers. Off late, many hosting service providers are coming up with budget plans for dedicated hosting. Even Lancaster web hosting has a lot of web hosting options that are lighter on the pocket and provide excellent features. So, if you have an e-commerce site or are looking for a hosting plan that will benefit your site in the long run and assure smooth functioning and scalability, then budget dedicated web hosting is the way to go.

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