Determine who are some of the Top, Leading Programmers of Microsoft of All Time


The .NET framework is a revolutionary technology by Microsoft. The framework has greatly contributed to the popularity and success of a lot of software developers in Microsoft. .NET programmers continue to be in demand.

.NET is a revolutionary innovation and has become extremely popular for developing business oriented apps. Majority of IT outsourcing companies are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and working in the .NET technology for years. Dot net developers ensure that customers are safe with their rich expertise in developing VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, MVC and more. Custom development what uses Microsoft technologies helps to customize apps as per business budget and requirements.

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Programming isn’t easy, and never was. However, it’s much easier to do simple computing tasks, through using a programming language of choice that nit was years ago. And the scenario was even worse before that. But, there were some computer enthusiasts and programmers who worked hard in providing the world better choices in programming and setting a trend of continuous enhancement in whatsoever was invented.


Microsoft’s top developers prefer old-school coding methodologies. Microsoft Corp. has done more in popularizing graphical programming, than any other vendor. The development tools have been used by millions of software developers in the past couple of decades. However, in a revealing and often humorous panel discussion on the future of programming, Microsoft’s own superstar programmers and developers espoused their loyalty to old-school coding software methods.



1. Dennis Ritchie:

He created the C language, which is one of the best programming languages of Microsoft. Also, he built the Unix Operating System, together with Ken Thompson, a colleague. The C language revolutionized the computer world and led to the foundation of programming languages that are more efficient compared to their predecessors. UNIX made the base for the Linux operating system, that’s widely used nowadays.

2. James Gosling:

He created Java, one of the most widely used object-oriented programming languages used at present. He made the Java main frame and implemented the original compiler and virtual machine of the language. Furthermore, he is also one of the most under-advertised programmers, with just a few people who know about him.

3. Tim Beners-Lee:

He is a British computer scientist and one of the greatest Microsoft programmers. He wrote the three fundamental technologies, which remain as the foundation of the web today and which one may have seen appear on parts of the web browser, such as URL, HTML, HTTP. Also, Tim wrote the first web page editor, the, as well as the first web server. Towards the end of 1990, the first web page was invented on the open internet.

4. Linus Torvalds:

He built the Linux Kernel. The Linux operating system is a clone to the UNIX operating system that’s originally written by Linus Torvalds and a loosely knit team of programmers all over the world.

5. Bjarne Stroustrup:

In Bell Lab, Stroustrup designed and implemented C++. Based on C and inspired by Simula, it provides a set of flexible and general abstraction mechanisms, which could be directly and efficiently mapped onto a computer hardware. The flexible, open research environment encouraged him to adapt concepts from Simula that he used in his Ph.D thesis work to C.

6. Richard Stallman:

Founded the Free Software Foundation and developed the GNU Compiler Collection or GCC. Stallman is the free software movement prophet. He understood the perils of software patents years ago. Today, this has become a vital issue in the world. He has huge successful efforts of establishing the idea of ‘free software’.

7. Ken Thompson:

One of the two programmers who made the UNIX operating system. Also, Ken invented the B programming language, a direct predecessor of the C programming language and a foundation for it as well.

8. Jack Dorsey:

He is an American programmer and entrepreneur known widely as a co-founder and CEO of Twitter as well as the founder and CEO of Square, a mobile payments company.

9. Bill Gates:

Everyone knows him. He’s the co-founder and chairperson of Microsoft. He brought the company to continually improve and advance software technology. He has made it more cost-effective, easier and more enjoyable to user computers. Now, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, solutions and services that help people and businesses reach their full potential. Gates has been one of the key programmers for many Microsoft products and has a great role in all Microsoft advancements.

10. Mark Zuckerberg:

The chairman, chief executive and co-founder of Facebook. He is also a computer programmers, internet business man and philanthropist. Mark is one of the programmers who are the core of the workings of Facebook.

Microsoft has indeed revolutionized the world, with software solutions that make businesses more productive, making processes easier. Microsoft technologies, created by some of the top programmers in the world continue to be used and in demand. When it comes to .NET solutions, it is always a good idea to hire developers with Microsoft Gold Partner certification to ensure only the best software solutions.

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