How to Choose an Orthopaedic Surgeon

orthopaedic surgeon

When it is the time to meet an orthopaedic surgeon it may be a blessing in disguise as well as a cause of anxiety. When the primary physician asks you to get in touch with an orthopaedic surgeon, then the first thing that might strike you is that you do want the best in the business. So how to find the best in the field as hereby are a few pointers that would help you considerably.

Get referrals:

Ideally your primary doctor should be in a position where they can go on to refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon. Your family, relatives along with your near and dear ones could provide their recommendations as well. Do take some time to go through and research about the work experience and credentials of the doctor once you go on to shortlist them. It is suggested that you interact with them over the phone.

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Verify the credentials:

Just get in touch with the state board for the relevant certifications. It would indicate the fact that the author has gone on to undertake the relevant orthopaedic training. It would be prudent on your part to cross check the fact that there is no fraud or malpractice against the surgeon. In fact there are lot of websites that go on to provide a lot of information about the doctors.

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Search for experience:

As far as the choice of a renowned orthopaedic surgeon is concerned, the more experience they have the better it works out to be. The success ratio improves and do not be afraid to ask him on how many patients he has worked with till now and what are the complication rates as far as the various surgeries are concerned.

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Find out more about the hospital:

The fact is that the hospital where the doctor works happens to be your own hospital. It would mean that you would need to check the hospital on whether they do provide the highest quality of service along with comfort. For sure this goes a long way in reducing complications and enhances the survival rate. Coupled with the fact that the location of the hospital is something that you would be paying a lot of attention as well. Do take the location into consideration as the best orthopaedic doctor in India needs to be near to your home only.

Patient feedback is to be reviewed:

If you go through the reviews about what others have to say helps a long way to find out what type of orthopaedic surgeon you are looking at. This is going to provide you with a precise indictor on how the doctors normally interact with the patients. You could go on to ask people who have been visiting a clinic and what are the services that they did expect.

To conclude, last but not the least you need to be aware on what your health insurance covers. Do take into consideration the fact that your doctor accepts your insurance plan.

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