Major and Minor side effects Associated with Clexane 40mg Injection

Clexane 40mg Injection

Clexane is an anticoagulant injection that stops certain proteins from forming harmful blood clots. It is can be used as an overall treatment or preventive medicine for blood clotting. You can also use it in case of a heart attack. It is advisable for a specialized medical practitioner to administer you the medicine. It thins your blood hence preventing blood clot formation and also treats existing clots of blood.  If you happen to have a blood clot, clexane 40 mg prevents it from getting fatal. The dosage usually is 40mg per day but If you are at an average or lower risk of getting the clot, 20mg of clexane is recommended. For those in critical conditions that demand an urgent operation, mostly the drug is administered to you 2 hours before the surgery.  

Just like any other useful drug, clexane, also has side effects which may vary among individuals. The minor ones you might experience include: bleeding, high fever, swollen legs, anaemia and off course bruising at the injection point on the skin that may be accompanied by little or no pain. These effects are mild and disappear in a short period of time.

However, there are major side effects I found relevant to share with you as they require urgent medical attention and include:

Severe Bleeding Symptoms:

Severe Bleeding Symptoms

You may have experienced nose bleeding or even bleeding gums, sometimes you just cough up a bloody sputum or blood itself, bloody vomit as well. These are the vital signs for severe bleeding. In such a case you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Excessive loss of blood can be very deadly. It may also be characterized by abdominal pains accompanied by a tarry dark stool.

Presence of Rebound Blood Clots:

Rebound Blood Clots

In case you are wondering what these are, they are the blood clots that form again immediately you stop injecting clexane 40mg in your blood system. You may feel abnormal warmth or observe swellings and reddening of your arms and legs. Chest pains and difficulties in your breathing are other symptoms that may be associated with the rebound blood clots.

Occurrence of a Rebound Stroke:

Rebound Blood Clots

This is the most alarming side effect of the clexane 40mg injection drug. It can be life threatening to some point as it is very fatal. It is more of an illness that affects the most crucial body organ, the brain, hence you cannot control your body as it leads to the numbing of your limbs. It may also interfere with your speech and your understanding of things. Your eyesight may also be affected accompanied by severe headaches. A stroke will mostly occur if you stop taking clexane

Our bodies react differently with different drugs. The symptoms highlighted above just happen to be the commonest I have seen from the patients I have dealt with. Keeping in touch with your medical practitioner is equally as important because some of the effects are very fatal and can cause death.


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