What is the Importance of a Good Roof?

of a Good Roof

Once the attic insulation company oshawa design and function are tailored to the roof type, it can be altered by other considerations such as atmospheric influences and aesthetics. The roof structure is designed in accordance with building standards to ensure the safety of the occupants. The structure can be made of different materials: wood, steel, light metals, wood and steel combinations, concrete slabs. The cover is made of ceramic or concrete tiles, stone or bitumen tiles, glass and others.

Importance of tradition:

In Western Europe they adhere to the correct outlines of the plan and the roof. Relatively steep roofs take up one to three floors in their volume, the skylights occupy a small part of the roof.

Usually in many countries the roof has a small slope, quadratic or multi-level with a soft contour on the roof. The houses are favorably oriented and built from natural local materials. The chimney, which is reached by the outer wooden one-legged ladder, plays the role of a transitional space. The space of the terrace, which is built on the second floor, almost always complements the volume built from the other rooms to a rectangular or square shape in a plan that soothes the geometry of the roof.

The Mediterranean houses are elegantly built in an open design. The stone walls and wooden windows opening outdoors provide a cool breath in the summer. Facade walls are smooth. The roofs have a slight slope, calm detail, small eaves covered with tiles.

Minimalism – the style is known for its slogan “Less is More”, which illustrates the notion of striving for pure quality instead of the abundance of ornaments. In architecture and design, the term minimalism describes the emerging tendency – the creation of the object to be reduced to only the necessary elements. It is characterized by the flat roofs, but also the clear single-pitched or double-pitched under 45o.

The modern (contemporary) style in architecture offers clean lines and proportions, open spaces and plenty of natural light. Large windows and fully glazed facades create a strong connection with the outside space. Smooth walls are the distinctive features of this style, ending with a flat roof or some variation of the skate, significantly upgraded.

The starting point is the house plan, which is derived by analogy with a role model, usually based on a personal taste.

The pursuit of too much variety of forms leads to eclecticism and illogical solutions on the roof.
Using the sub-roof space at all costs leads to compromises with its qualities.
Unclear roof geometry with multiple vertical accents, dormers and small volumes.
Insufficient roof insulation, weak details (caused by uncleaned geometry, overhanging and self-molding).
A poorly studied tradition and its mechanical application without any particular justification.
The modern house follows the tradition of a city house with a small or strong roof slope. It is strikingly rational, with refined industrial details. Thermal and energy-saving systems, including roof details and roof insulation, have been particularly strictly developed. Successful examples of such houses follow the building tradition of the place and use the achievements of modern industry and building practice. Their creativity is in harmonizing the rules, not in breaking them.

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