What are Various Types of Childcare Services?


Children are lovely! Isn’t it? Along with caring for your baby, you may find it useful to learn about the various childcare services that can be availed. Nowadays, everybody is leading a very busy life and it is not possible to be by your baby’s side at all times. However, you can avail childcare services, whenever needed. 

Best Childcare is Available All Along!

In today’s fast-paced times, people hardly have time to devote time for their family. As a result, children tend to get ignored. Why allow your child to suffer when the best childcare is already available into the market? Childcare is all taking care of children and catering to their needs when their parents cannot be around.

In general, the concept of child care is quite interesting. All requirements of childcare have been divided into following categories:

  • Care in own home
  • Care in a regulated childcare center
  • Care in the home of a provider

Childcare in a Duly Regulated Childcare Center

Childcare centers are well known institutions that are duly bound to adhere to rules and regulations as laid down by the government. These rules are meant to ensure the safety and welfare of the children, who are admitted into these respective childcare centers.

Some services provided by day-care centers are listed below:

  • Programming
  • Behavior management
  • Food handling
  • Staff to children ratio
  • Number of children on the basis of area
  • High security

Though, rules vary a bit from one province to another, but procedures involved remain almost the same. It is important to refer to the respective government body that is responsible for issuing licences to the centers. You must go through the details carefully for being on the safer side.

Licenced childcare centers contribute towards the structured programming for children. These programs have been designed for the child to develop the requisite skills. The learning philosophy that is carried out on the basis of age includes the following:

  • Reggio Emilia
  • Montessori
  • Waldrof and so on.

Age-appropriate activities are duly meant to develop the cognitive skills of a child along with fine-motor and gross-motor skills. The goal is only one! Yes, it is none other than the achieving of specific milestones. Licensed day care centers are located in:

  • Office buildings
  • Stand-alone buildings
  • Commercial retail pads
  • Schools
  • Houses


They operate during normal office hours and also, employ professionals for running the training programs.

Childcare in the Home of a Provider!

Care for the child that is carried out into the home of a provider is referred to as home daycare, day home or family day-care. Licensing is required to avoid the number of children exceeding the limits as specified by the law. It is wise for parents to go through the rules and regulations in detail to avoid any sort of inconvenience at a later stage.

As soon as the maximum limit gets crossed, licenses are required.  Licensing requirements vary from one state to another and one must refer to higher authorities to have a clear picture pertaining to the o rules.

Childcare in the Home of a Child – Another Viable Option

In a typical manner, childcare activities at homes or centers are provided by expert hands of nannies as well as babysitters. When parents are not able to be around their babies, then they opt for babysitting services. Some babysitters work for more than one single family and are also available during emergencies.

Nannies are known to work for a single family and work as per a fixed schedule! They have been classified under specific headings of childcare that include:

  • Live-in nannies
  • Live-out nannies

Live-in nannies reside inside the home of the child; whereas, live-out ones do not reside in the homes of the families. Which one would be your preference?

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