5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

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It takes serious effort and commitment to lose weight. At the same time, you also need to adopt a smart approach towards your weight loss goal. There’s no point in sweating it out at the gym or following a diet plan if you are indulging in certain habits that prevent you from losing those extra calories. In order to make steady progress in your weight loss journey, you need to watch out for these 5 biggest weight loss mistakes.

Giving breakfast a miss:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But many people skip this meal in their enthusiasm to lose weight fast. Now, this is a wrong thing to do. If you give a miss to breakfast, you do not expedite your weight loss efforts, rather you commit a disservice to your body.

In fact, you slow down your metabolism and your energy levels take a dip, making you feel tired and irritated. Eating a healthy breakfast keeps you satiated for long and boosts up your metabolism. So, make sure to start your day with a good breakfast every morning.

Not drinking an adequate amount of water:

Water is not just a thirst quencher but a key player in your weight loss journey. Yes, plain simple water can work wonders for your body. Apart from keeping your system hydrated, drinking enough water ensures that you flush out the toxins and do not allow water weight to accumulate in your body. But if you do not drink an adequate amount of water, your body holds on to the limited quantity it gets. This leads to bloating and you are left dealing with a few extra calories as well.

Not getting enough sleep:

A sound sleep of 8 hours is what you need to maintain the balance of your calorie count. Any amount of sleep less than 6 hours and your chances of enhancing the calorie count on the next day increase swiftly. So, if you are not having your complete quota of sleep every night, make sure to rectify this mistake in order to witness a change in your bodyweight.

Opting for less effective exercises:

There’s no doubt that exercise is great for weight loss. But you need to understand that all forms of exercise do not bear the same results. For instance, if you think that spending an hour on the treadmill is enough to help you lose belly fat or get a reduced waistline, then know that it may not be the best idea. In fact, a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) of around 20 minutes can be more effective than an hour on the treadmill as far as burning calories is concerned.

Paying no attention to the portion sizes:

In order to make a success of your weight loss efforts, you not only have to watch what you are eating but how much you are eating as well. Even when you are indulging in healthy food, you need to keep a watch on your portion size. Else the calorie meter is sure to show the effects of your indulgence.

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