Top 5 Features of the Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

Ground Pool Pumps

As Australia experiences a scorching summer, you would want to have a refreshing break in the afternoon. For many Aussies, the quickest way to get a relief from the heat is to jump into the swimming pool.  This is why you would want to have an above ground pool in your backyard.

However, you must always ensure that the water you use does not pose health risks and is constantly kept clean whilst you, your family, and friends enjoy the summer in the pool.

Using a water cleaner pump will give you peace of mind as you relax in your swimming pool. This device, installed just at the foot of an above ground swimming pool, will maintain the quality of the water by sanitising it as it flows through a layer of filters.

Selecting a water filtration system for your pool can be complicated. Some pool owners go to the extent of making complex calculations that take into account the amount of water that goes into the pool and the rate at which the water moves through the filter.

There’s an easier way to do it:

Fortunately, shopping for a pool water filter pump has gotten a lot easier now. It can be done online, freeing you of unwanted stress. OutbaxCamping, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of high-quality outdoor gear, can help you with what you need.You can choose from the various models of pool water filter pumps that the company can deliver to your doorstep right away.

Two of their current best-selling water filter pump for above ground swimming pools are the Bestway Flowclear 3028L and Bestway 58122 Cartridge Replacement Type Pack. The former has a flow rate of 3,028 litres per hour, whilst the latter is capable of pumping 1,500 gallons (or 5,678 litres) of water an hour.

Here are the 5 key features of the Bestway above ground swimming pool pumps offered at OutbaxCamping:

1. Easy to install:

Owing to their user-friendly design, Bestway pool pumps do not take a lot of time and effort to set up, so you can start enjoying your dip in just a few minutes. When not in use, the devices are easy to detach and store away.

Water filter systems for above ground pools are quite different from those used in their larger cousins—the inground swimming pools found in sport facilities and in residences with wide backyards. The two systems have their own unique technologies for making pool water flow and filtration systems for cleaning the water.

In contrast to the pressure applied on water in inground swimming pools, water in above ground pools is kept flowing with the aid of gravity. Thus, filter pumps, which direct the water back into the above ground pool, are set up below the waterline of the pool.

2. Highly compatible:

Bestway pool pumps can be used with pools of up to 19,300 litre capacity.The 58122 model also comes with adaptors that can be attached to different valves.

Along with the package are hoses, hose clamps, T-joint connectors, as well as screw fittings. You can depend on OutbaxCamping experts to provide tips and guidance, should you need any.

As they are compatible with most above ground swimming pool models, Bestway water filter pumps make your swimming sessions more fun and relaxing.

3. Come with filter cartridges:

There is no need to purchase filters separately for your first use of the pump system. Filter cartridges come with the package upon delivery. Once attached to the pump, the water filter system will promptly start sanitising your pool water.

Instructions for the proper care of the filters and for the timely replacement of the filter cartridge are illustrated in the manual. You can also purchase a cover for your pool to ensure its cleanliness.

There are three types of filters in the market for these pumps: sand filters, cartridge filters, or DE powder element filters. For above ground swimming pools, the ideal types are cartridge and sand filters. Most above ground pool owners now prefer the cartridge filter systems.

Another point to consider is the level of force that the pump uses in pushing water through the filter and sending it back to the above ground pool. Here, the power of the pump does not exceed one horsepower because a stronger force may ruin the filter cartridge material and mess up the pool.

4. Built to last:

Filter pumps are built for high-quality cases. This boosts their durability to withstand heavy use over many years.You just need to ensure that the unit you are acquiring is designed for your own above ground swimming pool.

5. CE/EMC approved:

Bestway pool water filter pump systems bear the CE and EMC marks of approval, signifying compliance with EU rules on health, safety, and environmental manufacturing standards. The EMC mark indicates that the product does not release electromagnetic pollution into the environment.

You will be happy to know that OutbaxCamping offers these features along with surprise discounts when you make purchases. Wouldn’t it help you enjoy summer more?Visit the site now!


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