How Do You Determine Pain and Suffering After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Accident

In 2018, there were about 8.6 million motorcycles registered in the United States. Among these registered motorcycle drivers, 82 thousand suffered an injury during accidents. About 4.9 thousand injuries proved fatal.

If you or a loved one find themselves among these unfortunate statistics, a lot can change in your life. Getting a settlement from the other person or insurance company can help negate the financial burdens the accident presents.

Besides settlement money for physical injuries and motorcycle damage, you might also be entitled to funds for pain and suffering. But what does this term mean, and how much can be received for proving it? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know.

What’s the Legal Definition of “Pain and Suffering?”

Pain and suffering is a legal term that refers to the emotional and physical trauma caused by an accident or injury. In a motorcycle crash, this term would be used to describe any lingering effects on your mental wellbeing moving forward. It may also be used to describe minor aches and pains that wouldn’t usually be covered under typical medical claims.

Examples of emotional pain might include insomnia, anxiety, fear, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). An inability to work from emotional trauma after an accident also qualifies as pain and suffering.

How Much Is Pain and Suffering Worth?

There is no singular answer to how much pain and suffering is worth. Legally, the money received for pain and suffering should be fair and just in light of any evidence provided. Proving the effects an accident has had on you is essential to receiving anything for pain and suffering.

How Can You Prove Pain and Suffering?

Proving pain and suffering requires a lot of research, planning, and a general understanding of the topic. Since it can be so difficult to effectively prove you’ve been emotionally affected after a motorcycle accident, it’s suggested you work with a personal injury attorney. A professional lawyer will prove an invaluable asset to your cause and improve your chances of receiving the settlement you deserve.

How will your attorney help? To prove you deserve a settlement for pain and suffering, it’s necessary to show a difference in your life now versus before the accident. Although it can be challenging to prove, an attorney can help guide you through the process.

Documentation of your suffering is the best way to prove your need for a settlement. Medical records, expert witness testimonies, and psychological evaluations are all great evidence examples. Photographs and “day in the life” videos could also prove helpful.

Do You Have More Questions About Motorcycle Accidents?

Proving pain and suffering after a motorcycle accident can be difficult, but it’s far from impossible. Since it can be so complicated to demonstrate the need for your settlement, it’s suggested you work with a personal injury attorney. Although there’s no precise settlement amount placed on mental trauma after an accident, it should be reasonably based on your evidence.

Do you have more questions about motorcycle accidents?

Feel free to read through our other blog posts. You’ll find a wealth of information on accidents, personal injury law, and many related topics to help you dive further into the topic.

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