How to Maintain the Car Battery?

Maintain the Car Battery

The car battery works silently & unheeded. One can only feel its presence when the engine clicks, and it dies. Often times, it happens at the inconvenient times, disturbing all your personal schedules & commitments. So it’s essential to maintain your car battery on a regular basis.

The car battery is the most significant part of what starts and keeps your car running. Inevitably, it’s the heart & soul of the electrical system of your car. Driving your car to the auto shop for the battery maintenance is the whole new chapter; when it the last time you thought of the car battery maintenance? So obviously, it’s something that’s often overlooked.

Honestly, it’s quite easy to check and maintain your car battery regularly. I’ll prolong the life and performance of your car as well. As per experts’ recommendation, here’re a few important steps you can take to keep your car battery in tiptop shape. So let’s dive in;

Turn off The Vehicle:

When you’re checking the batteries, turn off your vehicle as well as the additional accessories. You can’t touch the wires and the other electrical connections of the batter when your car is turned on. Also, make sure, you turn off all the other accessories including the lights. It’s also helpful in saving the battery whether it’s about the day-to-day or the car doesn’t need to be running.

Keep it cool:

While it might be really difficult in some regions that often experience high temperatures, it’s good to park your vehicle in the shaded areas to avoid the direct sunlight. This way, you’ll be able to keep the battery as cool as possible. Keep in mind! The excessive heat can cause significant damage to the car batteries due to the heat distortion and water loss. The rule is quite simple! The more you care, the longer it’ll last.


So for obvious reasons, the car battery needs to be charged for the optimal performance. You cannot predict the life of any battery. The longer your car sits idle, the more batter loses its charge. The best solution here is to drive your car on a regular basis. Also, you can invest in the standard car battery charger and use it to charge the battery every two months.

Top-up Fluids:

No matter what car battery you use, topping up the fluids is truly the lifeline. The rule is quite simple! To extend the life of the battery, you must keep the fluids topped up. Just use distilled water to fill up the battery cells. This can be easily found at any of the stores out there. Don’t use any other type of water as it’ll have extra minerals that’ll decrease the battery’s lifespan.

You’ll see the ‘low level’ and ‘full level’ markings on the battery. First of all, remove the cell caps, clean a funnel using a battery filler spout, and fill the tubes with distilled water. Make sure you don’t fill it above the max level. Keep it within the limit, and you’ll be able to get the most out of it. If you have any confusion, let the experts at Auto service in Dubai look after this for you.


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