How to Boost Your Home Office Security

Home-Office Security

Securing your home from possible break-ins is a must, but it becomes even more imperative when your home is also your office. Your home office has all the valuable things in it, after all. You’ll want to make sure no one but you can get to your hard work and take it for their own personal gain. Don’t fret though, there are easy ways you can improve your home office security.

1. Keep an Inventory

The first security measurement you should always take is labelling and organizing all of your stuff. This way, you’ll have it on paper and know exactly what you’re working with. The organization system will also be familiar only to you, so you’ll easily be able to tell if someone has been tampering with your stuff. If you have insurance, having a clearly labelled and organized inventory will help you regain what you lost.

Finally, inventory allows you to have some firm evidence that a crime has happened. If it comes to it, this might be the thing to help you get justice. Ideally, you should do your inventory once a month, just to make sure all things are in order. Whether you do it on a computer or write it down in a notebook, make sure to regularly update your list.

2. Put a Code on the Door

There’s no reason you can’t upgrade the security of your home office by levelling it up to a real office. A code on the door allows only certain people to come in and effectively stops intruders. This might be a somewhat more expensive measurement, but it’s completely worth it. You’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing not a living soul but you can enter that room.

Another added benefit is that you’ll be able to relax and feel safe even when you’re working. Codes can even be accompanied by elaborate security systems and alarms, allowing you to instantly know if someone managed to break in. Make sure not to give out the passcode to anyone, though. If you need to write it down, it’s best to do it discreetly, so you’ll minimize the risk of someone finding and abusing it.

3. Consider Buying a Safe

A safe is a pretty good thing to have in your home office. It provides one convenient place for storing all of the things you don’t want anyone else touching or seeing. It’s also very useful in situations when someone does break-in because they’re less likely to crack or even find your safe.

Of course, you can’t just waltz into a store and buy the first safe you like. There are many types, suitable for various different things, and knowing what model to incorporate into your office might just save it entirely. Lots of security firms offer useful tips and advice for choosing the right safe. If you live around Sydney, for example, you can turn to the Safezone Locksmiths.

4. Install Security Cameras

CCTV might be the master of security. It provides you with unmistakable evidence of any potential crime and allows you to immediately take legal action and get justice. A few cameras might be just the thing you need to feel safe in your home office. Make sure to place them strategically and check that there are no blind spots.

For extra security, your whole house should be monitored by cameras. This will help you find the weak spots in the infrastructure and secure your fort.


As you can see, these improvements won’t cost you a lot of money but they might end up saving your goods for any mail-intent. Security is a serious matter and a lot of things need to be taken into account. Remember that no worry is too great and that there’s no such thing as overreacting when it comes to properly secure your home. We’re confident these tips will help keep you and your family safe, but most importantly, your home office untouched.

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