Email Service Provider – 4 Criterions to Choose the Right Email Service Provider

Right Email Service Provider

The email service provider a small business chooses can play a huge role in determining whether by the end of the next few quarters, they are still as small as they started out as! However, the question remains, what are the criterions a business owner should use to recognize the right email service provider for them? The answers are simple and intuitive, but some of the main names in the business might lead you to think otherwise, unfortunately. Don’t worry though because by the time you are done with this list, you will know what to look for.


Scalability is important for a small business, especially when they are just starting out. Your email service provider should not charge you for expanding the contacts list. They should only charge your business, based on the number of emails that are sent out, irrespective of the contact list’s size.

An ideal email marketing partner charges their clients only for the service they avail from them, in accordance to their contemporary needs.

Advanced Statistics and Reports:

Comprehensive data, supported by graphical representations and granular highlights, are important for a business to know how effective or ineffective their current emails are. Any good email service provider should definitely be providing data related to the performance, engagement rates, contact list growth charts and comparative analysis reports in between the various campaigns you have run through them so far.

Value for Money:

Does it really make sense to go for a standalone email marketing service provider, when cheaper services are available that actually do much more? In this highly competitive sector, value for money does matter, especially when the difference is so great in both features and price.

A Sendinblue client gains instant access to email marketing, SMS marketing, transactional email and SMS management, Facebook marketing, CRM software and several other services within a complete package, that has no hidden or additional costs to beware of. To top it off, the email service provider offers all of this at a price that’s less than half of what MailChimp asks for just allowing their clients to send email newsletters and marketing materials. You can check out the official Sendinblue website and compare their services to Mailchimp on this page.

Free Customer Service:

Customer service should be free and a 24/7 feature for the clients of your email service provider. Any company who charges extra for client support is not worth partnering up with. Although chat support is more common, it would be great if you managed to find a service provider whom you can actually call up and ask for help directly over phone.

You can add a few of your own criterions on this list too, but these are the main factors to consider. Do not go by reputation alone but do look in a bit deeper to see what you are actually getting for the money that you are paying to your email marketing service provider.

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