Budget Decor Ideas – Room by Room

Budget Decor Ideas

Decorating your home is likely one of the most interesting home project that you can undertake, if not the most interesting. Once all the renovating and deep cleaning is over, you get to the fun part! Look at these cushions! Oh, what about these dreamy curtains? And the bedding! And kitchen accessories that are bound to make your food prep more joyful! If you prefer shopping for your home to that of yourself, maybe it’s time to hit the stores and see what awesome budget home accessories Australian designers have come up with. Otherwise, if you’re crafty, you can make unique decorations for your home. Here are some hot ideas for your happier place – room by room.

Entrance and Hallway – Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

You never actually spend time here, unless we count putting on your shoes and jackets, but it doesn’t mean that you should spare this space a cool touch that says your name to everyone who’s also there for two minutes! If your hallway dark, we suggest putting a framed mirror that will enhance the flow of light. Depending on the overall look of the home and your personal preferences, your frame can be minimalistic and monochrome, or rich and decadent, like in the case of a baroque painting. Of course, there’s another reason why having a mirror by the exit door is a great decorating idea – it won’t ever happen that you leave home with uneven makeup, or something even worse!

Kitchen – Bright and Happy:

Kitchen – Bright and Happy

If you don’t shy away from your kitchen, it can easily be the most creative place in your home. After all, that is where you come up with decadent chocolate cake recipes – or at least dozens of ideas for your oatmeal. To inspire you in your cooking endeavours, your kitchen should be warm and inviting place, and you’ll achieve that with bright home accessories. You could add hints of pastel colour with simple accessories such as tea towels and a paper towel holder, as pastel colours add freshness to any kitchen. Or you can easily install a slate wall – it was a childhood dream for many, and if you have kids of your own, this will be ideal to keep them entertained while you cook. Of course, you can use it yourself to jot down recipes, cooking ideas or shopping lists.

Living Room – Work and Play:

Your living room is most likely the place where you spend most of your time – reading, watching Netflix, spending time with friends, entertaining, working when you have to, and just plain chilling. So it really has to have your touch all over, and make any friend of yours recognise it’s yours even if they had never seen it before! (You can actually try that on Instagram.) Opt for neutral furniture, but a pop of colour here and there will do wonders for the look of the whole room. Move the furniture around until you reach a stage where it looks heavenly! Add rugs, throws and cushions, because they can be super affordable, but make all the difference in how welcoming a room looks! If you have space for a desk, opt for a quality working desk from Brisbane, as they’re sturdy and secure, yet with enough colour and form options to blend into any environment. If you don’t consider yourself a plant killer, get a giant indoor plant for a touch of nature.

Bedroom – Your Sweet Dreams Haven:

Sweet Dreams Haven

The bedroom should have one main feature: it is a place of calm and relaxation. It would be best if there’s no TV in this room, and if you leave your laptop somewhere else. A nice and pleasant way to decorate your bedroom, which is even possible if you’re renting, is installing wallpapers with a discreet and gentle pattern. If you want your bedroom to give off a sense of luxury, but on a budget, buy different-sized pillows for your bed and don’t be lazy to arrange them in the morning!

Bathroom – A Private Spa:

With the right detailing in the bathroom, you can truly turn it into an oasis without breaking the bank. Here are a few simple ideas on how you can achieve it: match your accessories such as hand wash dispenser and toothbrush holder. If you use bar soap, let it be the same colour as your towels. You won’t comprehend how powerful this detail is until you see it! Buy a simple basket and stove it away for your guests. Fill it with all the things you wish someone gave you when you spend the night, such as a tester-sized fancy soap, make-up remover, tweezers. What else can you think of? Apart from being a lovely detail in your bathroom, it will also make your guests swoon over having chosen you as a friend!

Devil is in the details, at least so they say – but so is the angel! By investing a small amount of money in your own home, you can end up feeling almost as if you live somewhere fabulous. So what are you waiting for? Shops and online stores are waiting for your home makeover ideas!


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