Scared of Kitchen Renovation? 4 Expert Tips for Non Designers

Scared of Kitchen Renovation

Are you planning to do a kitchen renovation and already quite daunted with the process as you are not a professional to take care of the task? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about. Appointing someone like me can be pretty expensive. We, the interior designers, often charge insane amount as fees that makes it quite difficult for homeowners to hire us. That is why most of them try to do the kitchen renovation on their own while finding inspiration from the internet or interior designing magazines. So, if you are already here, then you too are researching on the internet.

So, maybe right now you cannot afford to hire a designer or cannot think like one as you lack the expertise, you must be thinking you won’t be able to pull it together. But trust me, you can. For that, I am going to offer you some amazing tips that will help you manage the whole task just like a pro. Remember, maybe you are not a designer, yet you have a designer to guide you online. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Prioritize Functionality:

You are probably thinking of the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen a lot. But do you know what remains to be our primary focus when we take up a project of kitchen renovation? We think of the functionality first. While designing the layout, make sure that you are doing the same. Make sure that you are creating a space where you and your spouse can work for hours tirelessly while you can deal with the stuff without moving much or handling more clutter.

Budget Planning:

When you are appointing a designer, you generally give them the budget and then let them work on that. But since you are in charge of this renovation project, it is necessary that you think of handling a budget on your own while having realistic expectations. So, before you embark on the journey, chalk out a budget that will be flexible for the necessities. But don’t go overboard. Maybe you need vintage white cabinets for your kitchen. But for that, instead of spending money of real antiques, get the customized ones for your kitchen.

More Storage:

It is your kitchen and you only know how much space you need to store a lot of items in the space. You need to be sure about the items that you are storing are necessary during cooking or not. So, keeping the items in mind, go for more storage option in your kitchen. While choosing storage, instead of getting the bulky stock cabinets, you can go for the RTA ones too.

Light and Magic:

A very dull space can look like a wonderland when you are incorporating lights in it. So, when you are planning to use lights make sure you are choosing the right ones. It is all about creating the setting. That can happen when the light you are choosing can complement the kitchen décor. Like, you need to choose some warm lights so that it can accentuate the effects that the warm glow of the walnut kitchen cabinets will create.

So, now as you know about these ways, why you need a designer? You are all set to do it yourself. Let your imagination run higher.


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