An all inclusive guide to smart homes

inclusive guide to smart homes

It’s not long before smart homes would become a mainstream and we own it all to technology and artificial intelligence. This “technology” today is far more affordable and convenient that revolutionized our lifestyle and rather a norm in contemporary off plan property tips.

Whether building from scratch or simply renovating the existing one, the features aren’t likely to be found in traditional homes. Many of these options are fully customiseable so before you invest, it’s good to be familiar with the applications and features.

Smart home defined!

In short, smart homes integrate various appliances and devices that are either controlled remotely or simultaneously. In general, the technology connects lighting elements, temperature control system, security peripherals, entertainment systems and home computers; kind of like something out of The Jetsons!

An apparent benefit is convenience as you can control one or all these features with simple push of a button. When you’re on vacation or moved into a new neighborhood, the enhanced security features allow maximum safety. Imagine, streaming live video on your smartphone for different activities within your home and outside.

Operating features & cost

Communication and control takes place through a series of wireless connection while devices would operate via actual electrical wiring, radio waves or maybe Wi-Fi. Some may be a combination of all these to offer a versatile home network. It means signals can be transferred in more than one way to their specific destination.

The origin of smart home technology dates back to 1975 but is far more affordable to day and common. The cost of networking system varies depending in functions and features you wish having. Basic system to make your home smart would cost somewhere around $10,000 that features lighting, thermostat and door locks.

On the contrary, the technology in Bill Gate home is worth $115 million and far more advance! In short, there’s a lot to take for off plan property buying tips with such details!

Security & protection

Installing security cameras within and outside the premises offers maximum security and extremely important in off plan property tips. The software and setup of vary in a way that some cameras would stream live video on a computer or television while others are connected directly to the security department where each activity is monitored.

Motion sensors are excellent to ward-off intruders from unwanted areas along with an automatic alarm system that triggers with any malicious activity. Mount custom electronic locks either in selected rooms or throughout the home. These require a passcode to lock or unlock and may trigger an electric shock if someone try to break in forcefully.

Luxury & entertainment

The very purpose of a smart home is convenience and quality lifestyle through push of a button or voice command. Sensors can be installed anywhere in your home and directed to control one or many features such as automatic dimming or brightening of the light with your movement. You can control blinds, program a home audio system to distribute music throughout a house or confine it to single room only!

A smart kitchen may feature a refrigerator door that opens automatically as you move closer to it, faucet and soap dispenser with sensor motion that really helps with the kitchen budget. That’s not all; microwave that can predetermine cooking time would keep the food from burning. You can also stream media content directly to the kitchen television that keeps you motivated. These are only limited features of what’s expected in near future, looking at the tech advancement!


Scientists and tech veterans are super excited at the possibilities of smart technology and how it can shape lifestyle. Imagine taking fashion advice from a mirror, receiving a text message along with photo of the visitor at the doorstep or maybe wallpaper that doubles the length of a cinema screen. This is just the start for what’s coming ahead so all we can do is wait for the change. Let the above off plan property tips help you with smart planning and design!

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