5 Crazy Things We Do to Our Teeth

Things We Do to Our Teeth

Teeth are sensitive. They are meant for chewing. Their role in eating and speaking is great. We should be privileged in having them as they make life simple, don’t they? Sometimes however, we become a little adventurous with our teeth and do the kind of things we’re not supposed so. Let alone kids, even adults do this mistake where they do crazy things with their teeth. And if you are not careful in those times, trouble might befall your teeth for sure. You should also think twice before going far with your teeth else there might be chances of tooth decay in future.

Here are 5 crazy things we do to our teeth –

1. We use our teeth as tools:

Many people are guilty of doing this where they use their teeth as tools. You must have seen someone opening the cola or other bottle using their teeth. Some rip the package all the time with the help of their teeth as if there will be no harm involved. And yes, your teeth were never meant to cut strings, were they? All these acts come with the chance of leaving you with broken teeth, and you know such teeth often lose the strength and vitality of the original ones. So, stick to the right tool for your daily chores and save your teeth needless risks.

2. We use teeth to chew on ice:

Even dentists recommend people to have something crunchy to chew on. But they definitely don’t mean ice as this might cause the risk of enamel erosion. Chewing ice is definitely a crazy thing to do with your teeth as it can lead to gum damage, broken teeth and those small fractures in the enamel. Ice is a quite hard stuff and you would be better off not chewing on them ever. Even if you feel like crunching on something, you can go for carrots, apples instead for better risks and zero risks. So, resist the temptation of chewing on ice and keep your teeth healthy forever.

3. We risk our teeth with soft drinks:

Soft drinks are bad for your teeth. The earlier you understand that the better. They are even more harmful than candies, cookies, ice creams etc. The amount of sugar in such drinks is very high putting your teeth at a greater risk than before. You should know that kids drinking soft drinks are at a greater risk of cavities than the rest. As a parent, you have to be a bit responsible with the diet of your child as allowing them sugary drinks can harm them teeth irreparably. The little your child’s teeth are exposed to such drinks the better. Else, there will always be a cavity to face as sugar can destroy your teeth gradually yet surely.

4. We brush our teeth with force:

When it comes to brushing, the mantra is to keep it gentle and simple. Your teeth enamel is sensitive and applying force might break or fracture it. For that reason, one should never use frayed or worn-our bristles on teeth as they can harm greatly. Some people even apply too much force while brushing, which is definitely a crazy thing to do, given the harm it entails. You have to go soft with back and forth movement, devoting some 2-3 minutes per session of brushing to keep the teeth healthy and risk-free. Plus, straight line brushing is not going to help as circular motion is always prescribed for thorough cleaning.

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5. We never floss our teeth:

A lot of people don’t floss their teeth. So, naturally, they are at a greater risk to dental decay, cavity, gum issues and other problems in mouth. If you don’t floss, it means you are not able to wash away foods, plaque and bacteria from your teeth which can cause great damage in the long run. Brushing alone can’t guarantee total cleaning and you should know that well. You can consult a top dentist New York NY and know more about flossing. If flossing is not in your daily oral care routine, it means you are not treating your teeth well. This is how you lay a foundation for poor oral health.

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