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Safe Driving Tips

Of course, smoking is bad. And a smoker tells you (who will one day leave this bad habit, leave the promise here in writing). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year 7 million people die due to tobacco. The majority consumers (more than six million) but also around 890,000 non-smokers, due to their exposure to smoke.

In addition to all the ills for health (which the WHO indicates in the previous link), this vice is also very harmful at the wheel. Detail King – One of the best Car detailing experts in Christchurch, New Zealand also reminds us of seven reasons for not smoking while driving:

They can fine you for it:

For now it is not a violation in Spain (yes in the UK if traveling with children). But beware, it can be punishable if the traffic agent considers it a distraction and affects the total freedom of movement of the driver.

According to article of the Road Safety Law, the driver must “maintain his own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, guaranteeing his own safety, that of the rest of the occupants of the vehicle and that of the other road users”

Harms the health:

This is something that everyone knows. Smoking is bad for the health of the smoker … and the passengers, especially in such a small space. Remember that this study from the University of Aberdeen warned that smoking inside the vehicle causes air poisoning above the limits allowed by the WHO.


It is more than studied. Lighting a cigar involves a minimum distraction of four seconds. Imagine that you are going by a highway, traveling at 120 km / h. You would travel 132 meters without paying due attention to driving. That, in every cigarette that you light up.

And then there are other critical moments, such as when you try to find the ashtray (throwing into the road or in its vicinity objects that can cause fires, traffic accidents or hinder free movement is prohibited and sanctioned with a fine of 200 euros and the withdrawal of 4 points of the driving license, one of the stupid fines), you drop ash or simply locate the snuff in the cabin.

More reaction time:

For the above reason, it affects the reaction capacity of the driver. While smoking, a hand is holding the cigar. In this way it is impossible to hold the steering wheel with both hands (as advised in our keys to sit behind the wheel) and firmly. Only in this way can one deal with unforeseen events safely.

Cabin filter:

Smoking inside the car reduces the efficiency of the cabin filter, responsible for ensuring air quality and circulating properly. Also, it is very likely that you will have to change it more often than usual. Failure to do so reduces the amount of filtered air that will be breathed into the vehicle.


Be careful especially if you travel with energetic. Smoking in the car makes the air less pure and harms the allergy states. This can be aggravated, with a sneeze or coughing attack, greatly affecting driving. We remind you of our tips for driving with allergies.


The car acquires a special smell that later is difficult to eliminate. This smell can be unpleasant and dizzy to passengers on trips. This study confirmed that the smell inside a vehicle can be decisive in a good driving.

In addition, smoking in the car can make you lose money beyond that spent on cigarettes. According to a study, the cars of smokers sell worse, to the point that 42% of potential buyers would not acquire it in any case.


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