What is PPC? Main fundamental of Pay-Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click Campaign

Perhaps you are little bit familiar about PPC marketing and are enthusiastic to learn more, or you are interested to use PPC to market you business, but you can’t decide how and where to start. So, you are now right place to take right decision.

First, we should know what is PPC and how it’s advertisement word.

What is PPC?

PPC is the abbreviation of Pay-Per-Click. PPC is a strategy of internet marketing in which advertisers pay specific amount of money for their ads is clicked. Essentially, website owners buy visitors in this way, rather than try to increate those visitors organically.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular platforms of Pay Per Click. Search Engine advertising grand advertisers to bid for ad placement in sponsored links of search engines when any visitor searches on a key word which is related their business offering. For example, you bid on the keyword “SEO Tools” you ads will show up in the very stop spot on search engine result page.

You have to pay the search engine a title fee when ad is clicked and sending visitors to your site. Fee is nothing when PPC performing properly because the visitors are more specious than the amount you pay for it. In others words, suppose you pay $2 for per click and the click out-put is $250 sale, then you have earn a hefty profit.

A lot of people are busy to make a organized PPC campaign. You have to research and select the right key word to make a relevant and intelligent PPC advertising. You will get higher profits for you business and less charging for click on your ads, if your ad and landing pages very helpful and satisfying to visitors. So, if you are intended to start a PPC campaign, it is very necessary to learn how to start is right.

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is a platform of advertising system where advertisers ads for their businesses, products, and services etc and Google displays the ads on Google and their advertising network on specific region or through over the world depending on advertisers demand. Advertisers are pay when ads are click. The ads services are broadly focused on keywords.

Google adWords works on a PPC models, in which advertisers bid on keywords and pay for every click on theirs advertisements. A search is initiated at all time and Google insert into the insight of AdWords advertisement and select a branch of winners to appear in the precious ad space on its SERP. The “winners” are selected based on a mixture of factors, including the keywords quality and keywords relevancy and ads campaign and also the size of their keywords bids. PPC campaign allows winning users to reach potential visitors at a specific cost that comfortable their budget. Here, advertisers rank is calculated by CPC and Quality Score.

PPC campaign is depends on keyword and match types you select but you should focus on numbers of factors that determine how successfully your ad campaign will be.

Keyword relevancy: Drawing a consistent PPC keywords lists, tight keyword branch and relevant ad text.

Landing Page Quality: Your landing page should contain relevant content that is consistent with your keyword and a clear call to action and so on.

Quality Score: It is Google’s rating of consistency and quality of your landing page, keywords and Pay Per Click campaign. Users with good quality score get more clicks at lower costs.

 Pay Per Click Keyword researching

Keyword selecting for this campaign is title bit time consuming, but it is very important. You campaign totally based on keyword and the many successful users continuously grow and repeatedly refine their keyword lists. First time, to start PPC campaign, after creating a PPC keyword list, you may miss many valuable, long tail, lower cost and consistent key word that that could be driving higher quality traffic to your site.

A better quality PPC keywords list should include….

Relevant: Key word should be relevant with you businesses, services or products because you are not paying for Web traffic that value is nothing for your business or services or products. You should find targeted key word that will provide higher PPC click and increase the growth of your desired profits. I mean, your keyword should be very close related with sell.

Exhaustive: You should not include the keywords which are searched very frequently in your niche but also select long tail key words. Long tail keywords competition is less and more effective for driving traffic to your site. Due to less competition, it is less expensive but not less value.

Expansive: PPC is repeated. You should repeatedly refine and expand your campaign and also make a environment where your lists constantly growing and adapting.

Maintained your Pay Per Click campaign  

After creating your PPC campaign, you should manage your campaign regularly to make sure effective. Your account should be analyze regularly to check the performance of your campaign and try to adjustment the following to optimize your campaign.

  1.   Add Negative Keywords
  2.  Add PPC Keywords
  3.  Split Ad Groups
  4. Refine Landing Pages
  5. Review Costly PPC Keywords


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