What do you need to know before taking out car insurance?

car insurance

Is it mandatory to make sure to drive a motor vehicle?

To drive a motor vehicle, like a driver’s license, insurance is mandatory. The law requires all motorized land vehicles and its trailers or semi-trailers to be insured.


Conduct without insurance, which is legally called “the lack of insurance ” is often penalizing in a future search for auto insurance USA. If your vehicle has been left without a cover for a long time, you may find it difficult to insure yourself.

In such a case, you can enter the Central Office of Pricing (BCT) which has been created

so that any driver of a motor vehicle can satisfy the obligation of insurance (keep evidence of insurer refusals by keeping either explicit rejection letters or guarantee requests made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and not answered).

The procedures for referral to the BCT are available on its website:

Finally, in the event of an accident with a lack of insurance, the Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund (FAO) will oblige you to compensate the victim. This fund is the body set up by the State, in charge of compensating the victims of road accidents in particular situations, especially in the case where the person responsible for the accident is not insured.

However, if you are the driver of an uninsured vehicle and you cause a road accident, certainly the third party involved in the accident can seize the FGAO to obtain compensation but know that the FGAO will then turn directly against you for the reimbursement of the indemnities paid to the victim of the accident.

What to do if no one agrees to insure my vehicle (refusal of insurance)?

In case of refusal of insurance, it is possible to seize the Central Bureau of Pricing (BCT). This organization was created so that any motor vehicle owner can meet the liability insurance obligation. On the other hand, the BCT cannotbe seized for refusal of insurance of damages to the vehicle (fire, theft, damage all accidents).

Important: It is in the attention of the person to contact the second insurer and to seize the BCT only in case of a new refusal.

What are the different categories of automobile insurance?

The compulsory insurance called “third party” consists of the cover of your civil liability and that of any person driving or parking your vehicle. This means that the insurance covers damage that you or others might cause with your vehicle to other persons (third parties) as well as to their vehicle or other property.

This insurance does not cover your bodily injury or damage to your vehicle, which is your responsibility if you are responsible for the accident. If a third party is liable, this damage will be covered by his insurance.

Nevertheless, you can choose to take care of the bodily injury and material damage that you could hurt in the event of an accident for which you would be responsible for opting for an all risks insurance.

All risks insurance:

This type of contract guarantees all the damage cases whether you are responsible or not and that the responsible person is identified or not. Legally, this type of contract is called “multi-risk.”

You must, however, check the warranties, the deductibles and the exclusion clauses of this type of contract before you commit.

Guarantees of damage to the vehicle:

The collision guarantee allows you to be compensated for damage sustained by your vehicle in an accident with one or more other vehicles.

The theft or attempted theft (that is to say, the degradation locks, starter or management bodies of the vehicles) are insurable; as well as the theft of the contents of the carand its trunk.

You can underwrite the vandalism guarantees, corresponding to the pure and simple degradation of the vehicle by others without an attempt of theft, fire,and explosion as well as breakage of ice.


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