Use White Noise to Help Your Toddler Sleep Peacefully

Toddler Sleep Peacefully

With a crying or fussing baby at home, sleep may seem a distant dream for many parents. Even when you feed the toddler every few hours, he may still have trouble sleeping through the night. To keep your bundle of joy quiet, you should choose a white noise device with precision and care. Opt for the best and safe product without any side effects. Use these devices only when your baby is not sleeping for hours.

According to an article published on, white noise helps in reducing fussiness in toddlers, helping them to stay asleep longer. You can choose a device with a hissy noise or a deep muffled sound to calm your infant and help him to sleep better. Read on to learn more about how white noise devices help in keeping your baby sleep at night.

White Noise Inducing Sleep:

The greatest benefit of white noise is that it helps in keeping your baby sleep. If you observe that the toddler has a propensity to sleep even when your house is noisy beyond the regular naptime, the infant will positively respond to white noise. If your baby is habituated to noise, a quiet surrounding may not work during his bedtime.

Benefits of White Noise for Infants:

Your little one will fall asleep fast with white noise in the background. It can block out other household noise such as the sound of the television, loud conversations of older siblings, or ringing of the telephone. White noise benefits families with multiple kids, who are in different age groups. If you have an infant, who needs to sleep, while another child who does not take naps anymore, the noise of tree leaves rustling in the wind or the sound of raindrops may help your bundle of joy to sleep. When choosing a white noise machine, look for a device mimicking the sound of the heartbeat of the mother, which comforts your toddler.

Pick White Noise Devices Carefully:

Opt for products that do not exceed the recommended decibel level for your toddler. Use these devices only when required. Else, your baby may become too dependent on these machines to sleep. Observe the sleeping patterns of your baby because not all infants respond well to white noise generators. If you notice that the white is making your baby irritated, avoid using it. We recommend that you consult a pediatrician before using any product.

When to Use the Machines:

Babies react differently compared to an adult who has sleep-related problems. Parents may take several cups of coffee to stay awake with a fussy infant. However, your little one may become extremely persnickety, show behavioral changes, or cry too much when deprived of sleep. If you notice these symptoms, consult a doctor and then based on the recommendation, choose a white noise generator for your little one.


White noise devices are a temporary solution to help your baby fall asleep. However, it is not the cure-all technique to put your infant to sleep. Therefore, choose safe products only for short periods.

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