Top Natural Home Remedies for Dehydration

Home Remedies for Dehydration

You have fever or diarrhea which leads you to dehydration which can occur at everyone. When your body loses water and electrolytes which are larger than the amount of fluid taking into our body, the dehydration will occur. The severity of dehydration can divide into three levels: mild, moderate and severe.

The cause of dehydration:

The cause of dehydration may be simple. For instance, you are so busy or sick so that you don’t drink enough water. In the summertime, your body sweats so much because of strong activity. You lose water and electrolytes through sweat. If you don’t supplement enough water and electrolytes, your body will be dehydration. Diarrhea is the most common causing of dehydration in the children. The water loses through the defecation. If you get vomiting at this time, the losing fluid will be more. Fever is also a medical condition making you lose water. When the body’s temperature is high, the evaporation is stronger too.

Some other cases, several medicines have the side effect increased urination. Thus, you lose more water through the urine.

 The risk factor of dehydration:

Everyone can get dehydration. However, some people may be higher at risk of dehydration.

Children and infants: They are small, and their body is easy to lose water. In addition, diarrhea and fever in children are the most frequent so that they have a higher risk of dehydration. Many children are in a life-threatening situation because of losing fluid.

Elderly people: the age makes them have more health problem. The mind and body respond slower. Thus, they often get into dehydrated condition.

–   People have a chronic illness: diabetes or kidney diseases can put you in a higher percentage of dehydration.

–  People have a hard activity or work outside: when you need to do heavy word on the hot weather, your body will be hot and sweat more so that you will lose more water and electrolytes.

How can we prevent the dehydration?:

To prevent dehydration, we need to focus on providing the fluid lost to the environment. For particularly subject, we have different notice.

In infants and children:

The baby having breastfeeding should give more breastfeeding as desired. If your children are old enough to drink juice and eat fruit or vegetable you should encourage them to drink more juice and eat fruit. You can give the children the supplement fluids which consist of the electrolytes. You can provide the fluid through intravenous transfusion which helps to supply fluid in the emergency case. You need an administration from a doctor for this.

Elderly people:

The older adults are aged so that the function and reaction of the body are slower. They may don’t drink enough water. You should give them enough the amount of water. Milk and juice can be an excellent choice which can provide other nutrition. The balanced diet is so crucial. One part of the fluid is taken in by food.

People having hard work and exercise:

They need to drink more water than usual. The electrolytes drinking can be an excellent choice because it helps to supplement the electrolytes lost through sweating during activity. The juice can be your choice with a nice taste.

The complications of dehydration

Our body needs water and electrolytes in the body to maintain the function of the body. Severe dehydration in a long-term can cause a lot of complications.

Dehydration leads to renal (kidney) failure. Dehydration decreases the blood circulation going to the kidney. Thus, the kidneys cannot work well. If the dehydration is in a long period, the kidney cannot work.

Another complication of dehydration is unconsciousness because decreasing the blood flow to the brain.

One of the most dangerous complications of dehydration is a hypovolemic shock. The lack of fluid makes the blood pressure drops. Thus, our body can supply the oxygen to the cell. The body falls into a life-threatening situation. This emergency case needs to treat immediately.

Our body has a heat-controlled center which can reduce the body temperature when needed by sweating. If our body loses so much fluid, the body can control the body heat anymore. This is called heat-related illness which can cause cramps and heat stroke.

Dehydration can lead to abnormal electrolytes because the electrolytes go out of with water. This can cause problems of heart, kidney or muscle. Two most important electrolytes are potassium and sodium. For example, the muscle is weak and the heartbeat is a disorder if the potassium level in the blood is decreased.

Home remedies for dehydration:

remedies for dehydration

There is a list of top home remedies for dehydration. These tips will help you so much.

1. Take more fluid:

The element thing you need to do is taking more fluid to your body. You even should drink water when you didn’t feel thirsty. You can drink the fluid having electrolytes or carbohydrate properties. The scientists say that an adult needs about 2.5 to 3 liters per day.

2. Drink (oral rehydration solution) ORS:

ORS is the next one on the list of home remedies for dehydration. ORS will provide the fluids and electrolytes to your body. You can buy this fluid at the drug store or you can make homemade ORS by yourself. You should wash your hand before doing. You take 200ml of water (about 4 cups). Pour a haft spoon of salt and two spoons of sugar. Stir it until the solids dissolve. You can drink it every day to recover your body in the summer day.

3. Eat Yogurt:

Yogurt is a great thing for your digestion. It also brings to your body electrolytes. A cup of yogurt in the morning can wake up your digestive system. You can take yogurt as a dessert after a meal.

4. Vegetable and fruits:

We can ignore these great things which also improve your dehydration. Besides, it also gives you mineral and vitamins. The vegetable also helps your digestive system working more soothing. You can take in vegetable through the salad. Fruits can be your snack. Fruits can be cool drinks by making juices (lemon, orange or water lemon).

5. Coconut water:

In the past, they lacked IV solution they used coconut water instead of.  You can see that coconut is so fresh and a wonderful fluid to provide to our body. Moreover, the coconut water also absorbs so quick into the cells. Thus, it can rehydrate your body more effective.

6. Milk:

Last but not least, the last thing in the list of home remedies is milk. Milk can provide energy and fluids to your body. The proteins in the milk help our cells grow. The children should drink milk every day to improve the high. The illness people can drink high-energy milk to absorb the energy to recover. The fluid and properties in milk will help your body rehydrate and recover.

To sum up, now with the information dehydration is not a severe problem for you anymore.  The home remedies for dehydration will help you have a healthy body through the hot summer day.

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