Some Web Traffic Metrics to Watch for Your Website

Web Traffic Metrics

Your web popularity will show your visitors how much you are serious about your services as a brand; how you handle your clients and how you introduce your products or services you have to offer. For today’s digital savvy consumers you must need to present your company as a brand. This is the main reason why you should keep your eye on your traffic flow. There are plenty of analytics tools you can use to get insight into how viewers are interacting with your site. You can spy on your visitor’s activities and easily come to know about their determination.

Taking time to observe, understand and measure your web traffic can boost your overall web performance. Here in this post, I’m going to state about some metrics you should watch on to unleash your business in the middle of exact relevant niche. SO, let’s have a look at those metrics.

Traffic Sources :

Measuring the total number of visits in each month can give you a number to tally with but if you want to think deeply then you need to observe your traffic sources to know your exact points of improvement. There are many pages in your website to show your details, offers and rates. If you are able to know about your customers demand through traffic sources then you can deal with that particular segment to cope-up with the market. For example – if people land in your services page and leave then you must need to review your service process or rates according to the market.

New and Returning Visitors:

It is undoubtedly always better to have new visitors in your website. It means people are finding your site in their search terms in search engines. However, it is most important to tally your new visitors with returning visitors. Because, all the returning visitors have the higher chance to convert into a valid lead for your company.

Visitor’s Average Time on Website :

It’s very complex metrics but an important one to measure how much time your visitors is spending in your website. Of course it is better to have a visitor spending a longer time in your website pages, it’ll create the chance of conversion and you website can get quick popularity among your targeted audiences by referrals.

Page Bounce Rate:

The bounce rate indicates the percentages of  how many people came to your website and left before doing any other action or movement on your website. It is very vital to tracking down this record for betterment of your web pages. If a user left quickly then it can be caused by less informative content or high page loading time. You can come to know about the exact problem to fix it immediately to hold your visitors for long.

Conversion Rate:

Lastly, conversion rate is a vital factor measures your overall business success. There are many aspects to increase your conversion rate in digital marketing world. It’ll show you about all the problem occurs in your website while it gets a valid visitor in it.

So, whether you are looking for develops your website, make improvements or redesign it, remember to consider above metrics and do it carefully to have a great result from it. If you need any assistance then you can visit Click Optimisers for any help.


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