Best Place where you can travel without a visa

best place to visit

A dream inside a dream? For your Information, an initiation is every traveler’s nightmare. They dream about travelling and think of what to do, how to do stuff while they are travelling, to a place they want to travel and so on.

Domestic travelers go on about not being able to take time off. International travelers have their own concerns in life. Well, the science of VISA, which usually stops enthusiastic travelers from going the distance from ages, has finally been resolved.

Here’s a list of countries which will satisfy a traveler’s need:

1. Jordan, Middle East:

Take time out and plan your next visit to this beautiful royal city.

2. Kenya, Africa:

Kenya, Africa

Ready to drop your jaws? Don’t get scared but enjoy the wildlife.

3. Madagascar, Southeast Africa:

After watching the famous and brilliant movie, who does not want to visit this place?

4. Thailand, Southeast Asia:

Thailand, Southeast Asia

Thailand is more than what you actually think, use Musafir Couponsto avail discounts.The place is just famous for some infamous reasons holding in a lot to explore. So have you booked yet?

5. Uganda, East Africa:

The 90 days stay here will leave you amazed, asking for more time.

6. Haiti, Caribbean Country:

Wish we have extended vacations because the beaches in Haiti are mind-blowing and mesmerizing.

7. Fiji, Melanesia:

The place is divine and sensational and also, eye-catching. Have you packed your bags already?

8. Macau, China:

Macau, China

A little expensive but, a place worth going. You cannot miss visiting this hallelujah place.

9. Hong Kong, China:

Electrifying, majestic, wild and gorgeous and your all-time favourite Disneyland resides here. Plan a trip soon.

10. Cook Islands:

Once you visit the Cook Islands, the definition of the island set in your mind will completely change. the place comprises of 15 islands and is a scenic beauty you cannot miss to see. Book your trip using Musafir Coupons.

11. Cambodia, Southeast Asia:

Cambodia, Southeast Asia:

The moment you step in this heavenly place, you will surely feel like you are somewhere amidst dream dragons and pleasing beauty.

12. Cape Verde, Atlantic Ocean:

Planning a trip Abroad with your partner? The place is so for your partner and is a romantic abode. So, mark it on the list. Get along with your Musafir using Musafir Coupons and get discounts on bookings.

13. Bolivia, South America:

Not just the salt lake, but the streets of Bolivia also have an artistic view and are mesmerizing. You can use Musafir Coupons to book your trip with them.

14. Bermuda, North America:

Bermuda, North America

We are not sure of the mysteriously famous Bermuda Triangle, but this abode is located in North America on the northernmost side and a safe place to move! So you can chill out on the streets.

15. Myanmar, Southeast Asia:

Want to soothe your soul, move to Myanmar if you are searching for freedom and peace of mind. Get your family along and enjoy the trip.

16. Indonesia, Southeast Asia:

Indonesia is everyone’s favourite holiday place with amazing beaches, blistering heat of the volcano and our favourite Bali.

17. Ethiopia, Africa:

The place comes straight from the books of gods and is an Avant-Garde place. If you like history, you must go there.

All these places require no documentation and VISA issues. All you need is a plan; passport and you are ready to take the next flight. So, plan a trip soon to any of these places and enjoy your journey abroad!


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