How to Use Instagram Stories for brand Marketing 

Instagram Likes Without Hashtags

Instagram stories have changed the entire game and turning this photo sharing-app into your online photo album where you can share your memories and intimate moment with your pals. Now, Instagram creates the buzz with the launch of product stickers that is upping the ante for your Instagram stories. Instagram stories are a great way when it comes to keep your followers engaged and let your audience to discover your new content on Instagram. Moreover, it can help you to get more followers on Instagram and more Instagram likes as well. Here, in this brief guide, we’ve outlined some strategies to use the Instagram stories for brand marketing.

Table of Contents:

  • Why bother with Instagram Stories?
  • How to use Instagram Stories with the variety of formats
  • Use right Instagram stickers

 Why bother with Instagram Stories?:

What could be better for the mobile experience than Instagram stories? Although, its lifespan is only 24 hours it is the hasty and most engaging format to entice the audience. According to Instagram data, third of the most viewed stories on Instagram was created by brands. Moreover, it can also give you colossal Instagram likes and followers as well.

  • Effortless creation: No one wants to invest 15-30 min on a single post that lasts after 24 hours. But Instagram stories are the effortless creation and all you need to create a perfect story is a creative idea, dramatic movement or an exciting moment. The right hashtags, good lighting, and impeccable angles will work as the cherry on the cake.
  • The perfect way to get discovered: Use hashtags and geotags in your stories that will help you to amplify your reach and give you the break to get into the Featured Instagram stories as well.

How to use Instagram Stories with a variety of formats:

Instagram stories give you a number of modes to create in formats other than photos and videos:

  • Type: You can use color background and write a text post in a variety of styles.
  • Live: the live story is a great way to communicate with your followers. Also, they can comment on your post in real time, post it as a story subsequently.
  • Boomerang: Boomerang is a great reason to be excited about Instagram Stories. Create loop videos backward and forwards.
  • Focus: You can take pictures with a blurred background and keep your face in focus.
  • Rewind: Record a short video that will playback in reverse.

Use right Instagram stickers:

Increase your exposure by using Instagram stickers strategically. You can add any type of sticker related to your post to your photo and video on the sticker menu. This activity will bolster your posts’ engagement and give you tons of Instagram likes.

  • Hashtag sticker: Use hashtag stickers and when your followers hit them, it will take them to the related hashtag page.
  • Questions sticker: Question sticker is perfectly suited when your followers want to ask any question from you. They will tap this sticker and ask the question. You can also respond to them by tapping the sticker.
  • Music sticker: perfect for setting the mood or showing off your much-loved tune. Show off your go-to music while traveling in different cities or countries.
  • Selfie sticker: cover your selfie photo or video with this sticker. All you need to tap on selfie sticker and take a photo and use it as your next story.


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