The Essential Man: 6 Pieces That Should Be In A Men’s Wardrobe

6 Pieces That Should Be In A Men’s Wardrobe

There are plenty of ways that a man can dress himself up. It may be tricky at times, but dressing accurately and accordingly is not that difficult as it seems. It always starts with the basics, the essentials, and the staples.

Fashion is very volatile and unpredictable. Trends change and seasons flux. However, regardless of the changes in the trend of fashion, there are always clothing essentials that will make you look good, despite the year or time.

These essentials should be in every well-groomed man’s wardrobe. From plain and understated shirts to wonderfully cut casual pants. To know more, check out the six pieces that should be in every guy’s closet.

Fitting Suit

Investing in a beautiful fitting suit is somewhat important when we talk about formal events, such as big meetings or even a date night out. Look for a notch lapel, single-breasted, navy suit.

Navy notch lapel suit is perfect for evening occasions because it is dark. However, it is not dark enough to be recognized as funeral wear. Furthermore, this type of suit is also suitable for any events or meetings in the daytime. But make sure that you wear it with the proper accessories.

Go for a suit with simple designs and is slim-fit because it will certainly last longer. You can easily purchase a navy notch lapel suit in any online store like DealWiki and have a great deal.

Flannel Shirt

The flannel shirt has become one of men’s most favorite clothing item in the last years. Its long-lasting charm and allure are very apparent that it attracts men to purchase them. From having only two colors to having more than two color plaids, it will allow color and pattern into your closet without attracting too much attention or penetrating lots of rules.

You can wear it over a basic white shirt on warmer days, or you can just layer it with a denim jacket. But remember not to go crazy about flannels so as not to look like a lumberjack.

Dress Belt

Most of the time, your attire does not feel perfect and outright without having a dress belt. Thus having a dress belt in your wardrobe is very important to be always ready for whatever life throws at you.

Investing in a set of changeable buckles and belts is a great idea to have lots of options. As such, this will let you have the ability to make an immediate decision to create a more organized look. However, make sure to inspect the buckles to know if it is right for your body.

Crisp White T-shirt

6 Pieces That Should Be In A Men’s Wardrobe

This piece of clothing is probably the most versatile piece you can ever own. Invest for a crisp white tee that you can wear with almost anything. A white shirt is like a clean and empty canvas because you can do whatever you want with it.

You can dress it up as it is during the warmer months, or you can layer it under a denim jacket during the colder months. It looks sharper compared to a graphic t-shirt. Purchase several pieces, especially crew necks and v-necks for more variation.

Flawless Fitting Jeans

Absolute style does not only include office ties and Kings man-like suits. Real style can also be in the form of perfectly fitting jeans. Specifically, those jeans that fit the lower part of your body.

Fitting jeans are very important pieces of a stylish man’s wardrobe. Invest in a dark-hued pair of jeans and ensure that it does not look saggy or baggy. Also, make sure that you find the right size.

Dress Watch

6 Pieces That Should Be In A Men’s Wardrobe

Of course, we all have our mobile phones, and there are clocks to inform you the exact time. However, that is not the reason why men need a dress watch. They need one dress watch just like how ladies need jewelry.

A dress watch is a means of displaying responsibility and class. Just like the gentlemen that we see on the television who regularly check their wrists and start their busy lives.


A style is always subjective. You can express what you feel by dressing and styling yourself. But there are essential pieces and basic guidelines every gentleman needs to have in their wardrobe. Stay on trend without neglecting the essential items because they will help you create your definition of style. Read the above list to know if you already have some of the basic items in your wardrobe.

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