How To Pick A Swimwear To Flatter Your Body Shape

How to choose swimwear

Confidence can rock any style of swimsuit. So, if you want to look hot on the beach, you require confidence and have to choose the right swimwear for your body type. With the right shaping swimwear, you will certainly be able to flatter your figure. Although shopping for a swimsuit might seem to be a difficult and long process, once you know your body style, you can pick the one that flatters your silhouette. For sure, you will be admired by many for your choice of swimwear. At present, you will find several swimsuits for women that come in a variety of shapes and shades. You can also attain them in different and fantastic styles for any figure size and type. You must study your silhouette and learn what is excellent for you. To make your swimwear quest easy, read further to gain some fantastic style tips.

Know your body shape:

It is a must to know your body shape if you want to find the best swimsuit. You can begin by measuring your hips at the widest point, boosts at the fullest point, and the waist at the smallest point. If you have a pear-shaped body, it means that your hips are wider than the waist and bust. Pear-shaped women generally have robust thighs, a larger rear and a small bosom. When it comes to the apple-shaped body, your waist size will be wider than your hips. You will also have a larger chest and abdomen than the rest of your body, along with slimmer legs. If your bust and hips are of the same width and you have a small waist, it means that you have an hourglass shape. Women with a rectangular or straight body shape are thin without any considerable differences between bust, hips and waist.

How to choose swimwear?

You can shop easily when you know your body shape. So, keep reading to learn some great swimwear tips.

  1. Swimwear for a small bust: You can choose structured underwired bikini tops with padding rather than picking a simple string bikini. To add volume to your bust, you can purchase a top with ruffles, draping or frills. You can look for a retro-inspired one-piece swimsuit with halterneck or in-built cups for a charming beach look.
  2. Swimsuit for a larger bust: Halternecks are recommended for women with larger busts since they create a wonderful vintage pin-up look. You can opt for the underwire bikini styles with fuller cups if you want to balance your figure. Another best swimsuit style for women with a larger bust is a frill or peplum at the hips.
  3. Swimwear for bigger hips: You can wear lighter tops and dark-coloured bottoms to draw attention upwards. To avoid making your hips look bigger, you can eliminate boy shorts.
  4. Swimwear to slim down a stomach: You can purchase a tankini as it allows you to breathe well and covers your stomach. If you want a one-piece style swimsuit, you can purchase printed or dark-coloured ones.
  5. Swimsuit for a pear-shaped figure: You can choose shaping swimwear to flatter your waist. You can also accentuate your narrow shoulders with a one-shoulder or strapless asymmetrical swimsuit. You can also choose a two-piece swimsuit with a bright colour on the top and solid colour on the bottom. It is recommended to purchase them with detailing like ruffles, pleats and various other patterns on top.
  6. Swimwear for a straight shaped figure: You can purchase a bathing suit with detailing around the waist. If you choose a swimsuit with a soft cup bra and a form sitting waist, you can ensure that your rectangular figure will appear curvier.
  7. Swimsuit for apple-shaped figure: You can choose a swimsuit with a low-cut neckline and high-cut legs so that the attention will shift from the tummy to your legs. You can also pick them in darker shades to slim down your body.
  8. Swimwear for hourglass shape: Whether it is a halter top, a bandeau, a one-piece or two-piece bikini, any style of swimwear looks great on the hourglass shape. If you want to draw attention to the areas you want, you can pick the ones with embellishments, colors, prints and cuts.

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