Common Causes For Fridge Repair

Fridge Repair

What will happen to your body if you continuously work for 24 hours a day? You will feel tired and the body parts damaged beyond repair. So, what do you think about a fridge? It may be the most expensive home electronic appliance in your home, but does it work for 24 hours every day? You load the appliance with food, drinks. The children, adults open and close the doors. It is always working 24 X 7 to keep the food fresh as well cold. So, is it a wonder that the appliance malfunctions if not properly maintained?

Let us look at some of the common causes for fridge repair:-

  • You should never overload the appliance. Imagine, you go in a lift which can harbor only eight people. After completing a party, 14 persons get into the lift. By the time the life moves to the ground floor from 14th floor, you will gasp for fresh air. The same principle applies to fridge. IF the fridge is packed, cold air cannot circulate in


  • the fridge. In turn, the food items will get spoiled and in due course of time, the efficiency of the fridge will go down.


  • The doors of the fridge should not be opened frequently. The reason – warm air from outside will enter the fridge and cold air will make a exit. By the sudden change, the temperature can go down by five to ten degree Celsius. If the doors are opened again and again, or if the door is kept open, then the compressor has to keep working for a long time to maintain the cold temperature inside the fridge. In due course of time, it will suffer failure. And never forget that compressor is the most expensive part of the fridge. Usually buyers do not forget to take the warranty of compressor while buying the fridge.


  • You should leave one to two inches of space or more to allow free air to circulate around the appliance. Do not attach the refrigerator to a wall.


  • The last point is important, and concerned to your health. Never forget to keep the fridge clean from the inside and outside. Do not forget to throw of the rotten items. Or else the fresh food will get contaminated.


  • It is told, that you remain healthy when you consume freshly prepared food. However, in this era of fast paced life, is it possible? The husband and wife go to work, children to school or college. The family elders are old and they lead a retired life. Especially in cities such as Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore, the food that is prepared in the morning, is kept in the fridge. It changes to lunch in the afternoon, and is modified to become another food item in the night.


  • Inside the fridge, the temperature becomes low than the room temperature and controls the growth of bacteria. However, the fridge will become useful only if the food items are stored correctly.


  • There is a usual complaint among households, that the fridge does not cool nor the fridge works properly. But have you even taken care to ensure that the food is stored at the right place inside the refrigerator?


  • Do you know that there is a separate place to keep every food item in the fridge. If not, kindly read the below details –


  • If you are storing dairy products such as curd, milk and cheese, you should keep them in the cold place. Home improvement experts specify on keeping them below the freezer. You should never keep them in the freezer because the result is well-known.


  • Do you store meat items in the fridge? If yes, then keep them in the freezer. It is the coldest area of the fridge. In case of a leak in the meat package, the other food items will not get contaminated.


  • Regarding eggs, food experts specify on the storage of them in a place of constant temperature. If you store them in the door of refrigerator or at a place directly opposite the door, then the change will happen. This is because of opening and closing the door. It is necessary to keep them near the rear of the fridge, where temperature is constant.

Common Causes For Fridge Repair

  • The fruits, greens fare better if kept in the bottom shelf. This area is designed to have control of humidity, and so the contents remain crisp and fresh.


  • Do you have sodas and colas in the non-perishable category? Then load them in the door. It is the place where the change of temperature takes place.


  • Have you prepared fresh hot food? You had your meal, and then checked it is still hot. So do not load them in the fridge because you have to go to the office. Let them become normal to the room temperature and then you can store them in the fridge.


  • Always refrain from storing baked items such as cakes, cookies and bread for a longer duration in the fridge.


By following the tips given above, you can keep the foods/drinks fresh for a long time. You can also assist the compressor to perform its work more effectively and efficiently. However, what will you do if the fridge still becomes repaired? Let us imagine, you stay in Hyderabad and have a expensive fridge which was the talk of the family. It performed its work excellently for the past two years and now you feel the need for a maintenance check. Instead of searching for referrals or on established web listing sites, you can see the help of home maintenance companies who offer top quality refrigerator repair service in Hyderabadat the customer’s doorstep. You just have to download their app, book a service as per your convenience. The person will come on the perfect slot and restore the service back to normal in case of malfunction or will complete the service maintenance.

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