8 Useful Tips to Arrange a Grand Farewell Party

Grand Farewell Party

A farewell party is a great way to bid adieu to an individual or a group. You can organize a farewell party to send off your co-worker, friend, loved one, and many more, but the underlying factor remains- a farewell party is a grand celebration which retains many good memories to remember for life.

Organizing such a party can take a bit of work from planning, finances, deciding the theme and venue, designating roles and responsibilities, sending invitations, activities to include, decorations, food and drinks, to wrapping up the event.

In the following post, we will discuss how to arrange a grand farewell party from the scratch.

1. Purpose of the Farewell:

For whom are you interested to arrange the farewell? Is it a best friend going for studies abroad or a colleague leaving the current workplace to start a new chapter in life? Depending on the person for whom the goodbye-event is going to be arranged, further plans would be articulated.

2. Planning the Theme:

Pick up a specific theme for the party. Themes can revolve around the person’s next part of the journey and commemoration of the times you have spent together. For instance, if a family member is going to settle in Paris, you can plan a French-themed party. The decorations and cuisines could be typically French-inspired.

3. Invitations:

Do not forget to drop formal invitations to people you are interested to invite, that too well in advance. You can send flowers along with the invitation card to make people feel more enthusiastic about the farewell party. You can also invite people over email, chat-apps or call. These days sending invitation cards online is preferred mode for sending invitations in bulk.

4. Assign Roles:

After deciding on the above three aspects, you should begin assigning roles. You can assign responsibilities to individual or group. Who will take care of flower delivery, decorations, and cake? Who will check out and finalize the venue? Who will work on the creatives? Who will take care of the food and drinks? The sooner the roles are assigned, smoother the event will function.

5. Venue:

Typically, the best place to hold such events is your home or that of a friend’s. You can utilize a large space such as home’s backyard or clubhouse in the society etc. However, if you are looking for a rented space, there are several party organizers who rent out banquet halls and apartments for such purpose.

6. Arranging Finances:

Drawing a budget for the party is the most important task. If a group of people together are planning to throw the farewell party, then it is best to split up the funds required. If everyone contributes some amount, it will reduce the cost one has to bear individually. If you are organizing the whole event solo, you can still ask for help with small tasks to keep the costs minimum.

8. Gift Items, Food and Drinks:

A sentimental gift is of great value and works very well as a send-off token for your loved one. Some of the options you can consider are; gift flowers bouquets, photo collage, wristwatch, good wishes printed over plaque, a box of exotic chocolates etc. Similarly, you will have to add enough delicious options in the menu to satiate people’s taste buds and hunger. Do include a good dessert in the end. You can even have a barbecue grill and live cooking counters!

9. Decoration and Activities:

You can either keep the decoration sweet and simple or choose an elaborate decoration for the surroundings. You may use coloured confetti, balloons, memorable photographs, mosaics, etc to decorate the wall. You can also include party trumpets and hats to add to the fun. Plan for a few entertaining activities for the event such as indoor games, singing competition, mimicry games etc. For a bachelor’s farewell soiree, golf parties are the most recommended. As most parties are held at night, you and your friends can still have fun with golf simulators.

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By adhering to the above-mentioned tips to organize a grand farewell party, you can be assured of having a successful farewell event for your close and loved ones.

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