What is Choke Hold and its Types

Choke Hold

Do you want to learn different styles of fighting? In this post, we will discuss a choke hold and its type to help you understand more ideas.

Chokehold is a method of holding someone’s neck and putting your arms around that person’s neck with a lot of pressure, making it difficult for that person to breathe. Your opponent will develop difficulties in breathing. This fighting technique is a martial art often taught in the school of self-defense. You can use a choke hold on the suspect when using the fingers or arms to hold anyone’s neck that is a choke, and it is most common for most fighters. The force applied to the neck of the suspect is also defined as a chokehold. Cutting someone’s breath is difficult till death while holding the neck in a chokehold. Read below to understand the different chokeholds you didn’t know about.

Types of a chokehold:

In this post, you will learn different types of choke hold to help you for your safety continue reading until you understand all of them here.

Rear naked choke hold:

This type of chokehold is identified in Brazilian and is one of the best to consider in this list. The technique is brought to the forehead. It’s considered an effective self-defense weapon all combat sports can use from a competitor. It is also considered a blood choke because it stops the blood flowing from the brain through the carotid arteries. The RNC is one of the best martial arts and is easily recognized in the choke hold. The good thing with this type of chokehold is that it does not need technical knowledge.

The choke requires you to thread on the seatbelt arm for your opponent’s chin and around the neck. This is important to have an elbow below the opponent’s chin.

You can place the palm on the choking arm for your elbow. It would be best to squeeze your elbow to push the pressure on the neck. When you try judo and apply a choke hold, it can use for the opponent from the back. You can get your opponent from the back and the neck when you tighten to get the tap out. The chokehold gives your opponent pressure when you push the neck with other techniques.

Triangle choke hold:

This is one of the judo styles popularly seen in Brazilian. Many matches cannot end without applying a triangle choke hold with others in the event. When looking for the best self-defense for your opponent, try out with a triangle choke hold and give your competitor a hard way to fight you.

The first thing you will have to learn and master is all the triangle choke to help you during the attacking of your opponents.

When protecting yourself from the enemy, use arms to keep the wedge leg. After that, you will have to thread your arm under the neck and grab for the first arm.

You can use it in various ways, like a front triangle and an opposite side triangle with a rear to give you a reverse and common style for attacking your opponent. The triangle chokes hold the attack’s leg and lock with the four patterns around your head. This style is rounded on the neck, and your opponent will not be able to free out once the leg is rounded. The attacker once is covered tightly with your legs held in a triangle style to give you a chance to run away from your competitor when fighting.

Carotid choke hold:

Here is another type of choke hold you can use for the defense. The forearms are placed straight across the neck. The hands are held free, and many of the forces are put in place to help you ensure you get free from your opponent. This is one of the deadly techniques for the choke hold.

A carotid choke hold is safe and protects you against your enemy. You can apply little force, but you must remember force is acceptable, and a threat converted for the choke hold. Carotid choke gives you control to justify the pain. You can use the arm to attempt to crush the neck.

Leg choke hold:

Looking for the best techniques for the choke gives you easy work for defending. The leg choke is the fundamental way to scare away your enemies. You can now easily defend yourself perfectly. You can easily hook your opponent with the right leg and try to leave the knee on the hip.

You will need to learn about leg choke hold to extend your hip sideways, create the space between your leg, and take your opponent inside the leg.

You need to fix your hips and body to be stronger when designing and ensure you are in a good position. You can control your head right to the arm grip and make sure your opponent doesn’t hit you.

If you want to win against your opponent, try this amazing choke hold style for leg holding will help you fight out and apply other techniques as mentioned in this article.

You can use your leg to adjust to the choke, control your head, and correct the angle for the legging. You will need to ensure that your leg is stronger. For self-defense and safety, you will need to consider this type and escape your enemy. You can bring this style if you see things that need to be fixed according to the fitness required.

Guillotine choke:

If you are fighting and you lose your balance for a stroke of bad luck, this is one of the best types of choke hold you will need to consider. For this one, you need to wrap your legs around the opponent and cross it to the ankle to keep the leg away and pull it toward the chin.

It’s known as the front naked choke and one of the best martial judo to enable your opponent. The guillotine gives you a highlight which is efficient for defense. You can apply this type of choke for your defense if your competitor is coming out strong. This will assist you and give out simple moves to attack your opponent. You can push him away with your legs toward the chin. You use it to choke on the ground and give out pulling, which is efficient for you and hold it tightly.

When using a guillotine choke, make sure you have to squeeze your opponent’s neck; it looks effective for standing and makes you stronger to win. The technique is one of the tops used in Brazil.

Guillotine MMA:

When defending yourself against your opponent, consider applying this technique, and you will benefit. MMA choke is the best method to use effectively on the ground and helps you win the fight. You have to learn how to move the grabbing towards your competitors perfectly.

The simple move of the choke holds you have to leave out your arms on the neck. You have to be strong when grabbing the bicep for your opponent. When you turn around, make sure to get both of your legs inside and be stronger enough. Judo is one of the most classic chokes used today to fight, and you will get all the requirements needed for fighting. MMA features various styles for training with judo.


The above type of chokehold will help you during the defense, and that is why you will need to look for such techniques and apply them during your fight to help you win more. When looking for the best judo in the martial, remember to use those mentioned above to help you make your fight more impressive and for self-defense.

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