7 Things Every Small-Business Website Needs

Small-Business Website Needs

In this highly competitive era of online businesses, people expect to have high-end quality and reliable presence that wins their trust.

Think this way; if any customer comes to your physical office, they find difficulty in understanding your business. They find your workplace congested, messy and just not so professional, would your business leave a good impression? Of course not. Similarly, when any visitor, from any country and place, comes to your website, there are several website design components you must never compromise.So whether you are going to start an online business or already got one, check following seven things that every small business website needs:

1. Clear Introduction:

Since you are setting up your business online, it has to be explained and introduce in a very user-friendly way. One must not google your services and product to know what your business is all about. If your services are about creating quality logo designs and website design services, state it straightforwardly like ‘We are the professional logo and Websites design Company from Dallas, Taxes’. By giving your concise introduction, it not only clears about your services but also help new visitors to know what exactly your business is all about.

2. Simple Web address:

Easy and simple web URLs are difficult to find, but it is as important as your business reputation. Keeping your website address simple gives a lot of benefits, such as it helps people to remember your business name, easy to type and does not require to spell ten times to correct it. With a suitable name which eventually becomes easier to understand what your business is all about. So buy a domain that is concise, easy to spell and easy to remember, just like eBay, Amazon, Pandora and Dior etc.

3. Stress-free Site Map:

It is always difficult to drive through the new and complicated area with congested lanes.How do expect a new visitor to browse a newly yet complicated website? A website design should be easy to navigate, such that each menu and categories are places sensibly within a limited range to keep it easy-to-follow for visitors.

The most common mistake is that the small businesses often want to present everything everywhere. If you tended to put all the services on to one page, it would not only create a mess but will also confuse users to find the things are looking for on your site. Your website should not appear like a castle that has hundreds of haunted empty room. It should be as pleasant, open and engaging as a duplex that is ideal for a small family.

4. Core Information:

The most common mistake small businesses sites make is that they tend to keep the core information into different blocks of the site. Your business needs to be very attentive while attending to your visitors.

Especially, when the paid campaign is applied for sales purposes, visitors have to hop ten different pages to find the address and other connecting mediums. Be it Skype, WhatsApp or your office hours place the core information foremost to allow users to get instantly connected. Creating a separate page for contact information is the best practice you can adapt too.

5. Quality Website Design:

It’s no more an option for small businesses to skip the quality website design and just get started with a plain static page. Since small businesses are into growing phase, it is mandatory to know that today a quality website design favors not users,but it also helps get the attention of search engines such as Google and Yahoo etc. Therefore, regardless of limited budget you have for business, opt for professional custom website design services to promote your business prosper in long-terms.

6. Quick Load:

A customer looks good while paying – not waiting. Load time is one of the most significanthurdles that repels potential visitors. There can be many factors why your site might be taking longer than the ideal duration which is 3 seconds. So ask your website developer’s team check if the image size is optimizedaccording to the website theme or not. Make sure your site is not only loading faster on laptops and PCs,but they should also load instantly on mobile devices because after 3 seconds visitors drop by 7.9% that eventually affect the sales.

  7. Responsive Website:

When a website does not fit to a screen, there is no reason other reason why you are not getting business. As a small business, you must know that whichever medium your visitors are using to approach your site, they must able to view and scroll it down with a proper view.


For the small business website, it is mandatory not to risk any factor that would end up repelling your customers. Be it website design, load time, business introduction, contact the top-notch professional and affordable website design company that would not only provide a quality design but also design it just the way your target audience adore and trust your business.


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