6 Tips on How to Cope with Sleep Apnea

Cope with Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea happens to be a disorder that gives rise to poor sleep quality due to the uncontrollable breathing pauses. When you have sleep apnea, you often take shallow breaths all through the sleeping period and can suddenly wake up startled.

At night, someone with sleep apnea can repeatedly have pauses in breathing for over 25 times every hour often for very brief moments of times. The most astonishing thing is that people suffering from this are aware of it.

In fact, a creepy finding is that many people who suffer from sleep apnea think that they actually get quite a decent amount of sleep.

Sleep apnea, however, is much more than just heavy snoring. It is a severe medical condition that can even turn out to be potentially life-threatening which can decrease the quality of life apart from imparting various negative aspects into one’s life.

So here are some tips about how to cope with the fatal condition of sleep apnea. Just read on.

Opt for Exercise and Healthy Diet:- 

Natural remedies for treating sleep apnea centre on the weight loss, exercise and foods. Research reveals how sleep apnea patients who are obese may not require CPAP when they lose weight and can even experience a total cure of the fatigue and sleep apnea. In fact, one study has even shown that a 3 months long weight-loss programme consisting of exercise and diet has shown to decrease the fatigue and daytime sleepiness in patients suffering from sleep apnea. So exercising 4 times a week with aerobics and light weight training has shown to improve sleep apnea to a great extent.

Avoid Regular and Excessive Usage of Alcohol:

The alcohol significantly slows the breathing rate. This causes the oxygen in the blood to be lesser than normal. With sleep apnea you will want as much as oxygen to reach your brain as possible. So refrain from consuming alcohol within four hours of your bedtime.

Treat Congestion, Acid Reflux and Coughs:

Many people suffering from heavy snoring and sleep apnea can also have other medical problems which can pose constraints against the normal bleeding including the heartburn or acid reflux. The nasal congestion can create problems in breathing through the nose and can worsen the symptoms and can even trigger the development of sleep apnea. It is also possible that the acid is making its way to the voice box and throat where it irritates and causes swelling of the throat muscles. The coughs can also irritate the upper airways and increase the snoring. Adjusting the diet and reducing the exposure to the allergies and raising the head while sleeping can reduce the congestion and reflux to a great extent.

Stop Smoking:

People who smoke will have more problems with airway passages and air flow. If you need to stop smoking you should talk to the doctor. You will get products by prescription as well as over-the-counter that can help you to quit smoking successfully.

Adjust the Sleeping Position:

You can stop snoring by keeping your head at an elevated position. It is also advisable to avoid sleeping on the back which can worsen the snoring further. Sleeping on using a pillow by keeping head slightly raised is usually the best sleep position for alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnea. Another option is to sleep on the back instead of the stomach.

Consult Your Dentist:

For treating sleep apnea, the custom-fitted devices for the mouth are available. These devices are created in a way that fit in the mouth for keeping the tongue and lower jaw in position. As a result of that, the airway passages remain open so that you can breathe at night. This type of a device can or cannot control the problem type that is causing your sleep apnea. That is why you should consult with the sleep specialist in Long Island NY to know which treatment will be suitable for you.

The above are some of the ways in which one can cope with the problem of sleep apnea and achieve better sleep at nights that is bound to contribute to a healthier life for you.


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