Is It Over? 4 Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Ending

why do marriages end in divorce

The decision to end the Relationship can be one among the more difficult choices one can make. Couples who choose to enter into a marriage usually are doing so with the hope of achieving the dreamed-of objective in the form of “death do us part.” But, that goal is not achieved by almost 50% of married couples according to divorce data. It can be difficult to admit that perhaps you didn’t find your perfect partner, or that your relationship won’t be forever and that you might not be able to have a happy ending forever. For some, endings may be quite painful and frightening.

Some people are particularly hard on themselves when relationships begin to fall apart and they assume the responsibility of dissolving the union. The decision to end a relationship can trigger many negative emotions, worries and fears. One who has to leave could be concerned about being overwhelmed and out of control and worried that they will not be able to recover from this devastating event within their life. Many are self-critical and view their divorce as an act of personal insanity.

In the ideal scenario, your marriage should enrich your life and help you live it in a way that is positive. Every marriage will have its own issues that grow but they don’t be a threat to the health that the couple is experiencing. In the same way there are indicators that your marriage isn’t functioning and may be approaching the end of the road, particularly in the event that you don’t seek counselling sooner or later. But You have to seek Online Marriage Counselling in India  to save your married life.  You might have been trying to avoid the signs, keeping your head in dirt and avoiding the ugly reality.

Here are some typical factors which can be seen in divorced couples:


An opinion or perspective are a part of any healthy relationship. However, if disputes are constant in nature, repetitive, and unproductive it could be heading towards a decline. The relationship is harmful when defensiveness, criticism as well as contempt and withdrawal are the norm. Conflicts that are not productive can lead to feelings of despair and disillusionment. There’s a common sense of being a “winner” and a “loser” in these types of fights. However, there is no real insight or changes seen because of the dispute. The conversation seems to go in circles, but the issue never gets resolved. To avoid daily Conflicts you should have to seek Online Marriage Counselling in India Asap.


An absence of touching affectionately or kissing as well as the physical intimacy could be an indication of the strength of the relationship. The loss of affection and affection could cause the breakdown of a marriage , unless both parties are on the same page and happy. Couples frequently complain that they live as roommates and are not romantic partners. There is a big distinction in the kind of commitment that each one is willing to take in regards to the way they express their feelings of love or affection.


The feeling of boredom can occur in the event that you are depressed and disconnected or aren’t in love any more. Take Online marriage counselling in India from us to make your married life happier.  It is possible that you feel unloved and hungry and that your partner isn’t your source of comfort or someone you would most like to speak to when a problem is arising.


The feeling of being emotionally distant can occur when you experience a break in any form of communication  and you feel an absence of significance or depth in the conversations. You might stop discussing significant events or details that you have experienced during the day. There’s a certain amount of not being interested in what your partner is doing. There is a possibility that you develop hobbies and live lives that do not often cross paths.

Marriage counselling is best when you’re relatively content and require minor changes to make your marriage what you’d like it to be.

Couples tend to try to figure out issues on their own , and then typically wait approximately six years before deciding to seek out a marriage counselllor. When conflict-ridden couples have decided to pursue counselling the marriage may be broken and the chances of healing are bleak. Online Marriage Counselling is most effective when you’re relatively content and require minor changes to help your marriage get to where you’d like it to be.

If you notice that the above warning signs are evident for your spouse, seeking help via Talktoangel You Can take Online Marriage counselling can help you assess the health in your partnership. It’s all about the willingness of both parties to take the initiative, accept the responsibility for your own contributions to the problem and take the steps needed to repair your relationship.

Sometimes, marriages break up with good reason and logical reasons. The dissolution of a relationship can offer the chance to reflect as well as learning from mistakes and beginning the next chapter in your life. Engaging with a therapist during the aftermath of divorce will provide assistance and guidance while you piece your lives back. You All should have Marriage counselling from the best online marriage counselling in India to avoid Conflicts.

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