Rumor: First technical data leaked to the PS5


There should be no doubt that Sony is already working intensively on the PlayStation 5, even though the launch and the final specifications are probably not yet established.

Nevertheless, the first possible details have been leaked to the technical data that Sony would like to pursue for the successor console. Clearly it should be there that at least the Xbox One X will clearly outperform. That would be at least an approach that you can pick up on it and where 4K Gaming is likely to become the standard and you will find so in all the gaming blogs now.

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Credible insider knowledge?

An article on SemiAccurate , which is behind a rather expensive paywall, now reports that Sony will be using the PS5 GPU on the basis of the AMD Navi architecture, which will be launched by AMD in 2019, not necessarily Navi itself on AMD’s 8-core Zen architecture and 7nm fabrication, presumably with features like scalability and next-gen memory that AMD mentions in this context.

However, AMD has not yet specified more details about the chip.

Furthermore, it is said that the PS5 has already installed some internal VR features, which shows that Sony will not give up the market so quickly.

Likewise, there is again talk that selected, not a few developers have already received the first Dev kits. It has also been previously reported, where it was said that the developer kits have been sent since January. Based on the author suggests that a launch of the console is not too long in coming.

How credible this information is, can currently only be speculated. However, what does support this a bit is that SemiAccurate had previously provided correct information about the PS4, well before the official revelation.

First PS5 developer kits have already been distributed:

So far, it is believed that the PS5 will not hit the market before 2020, so that the planning phase to Sony should still run at full speed. In any case, distributing the first developer kit would take another important step, even if it means that the final hardware specifications are far from over.

However, according to Videogame journalist Marcus Sellars, initial studios may already have some insight into what direction Sony wants to take with the PS5 by providing them with the appropriate development hardware, he writes on Twitter.

Where he gets this information, however, is completely unclear. On demand, he merely assures that this is no joke.

What underpins the whole thing, however, is that developers like CD Projekt are already preparing their upcoming games for the next generation. So Cyberpunk 2077 will most likely not only appear for this generation, but also on the coming.

With a soon launch of the PS5 should not be expected, however, will depend significantly on the PS4. As long as this still sells well, Sony will probably see no need to already launch another hardware.

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