Precautions to Take When Looking for Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens

Pens are considered one of the best promotional products. They’re affordable, useful, and popular. Right from writing down the grocery list to writing a business cheque, pens are used everywhere.

Even when you look through your pen collection, you will find at least one promotional pen. Each logo and message printed on the pens is powerful and used to leave a mark in people’s memory. It’s no wonder why companies also prefer using promotional pens to spread their message. These pens are the most effective marketing tool to promote your business within a limited budget. They are the perfect way to maximize your goals and reach a broader audience.

However, there are some points which you need to take care of before choosing the right promotional pen for your business, as it can help you a lot with making the right brand marketing strategy.

Do Not Order Too Late:

Things happen, and you may sometimes wait to drop the ball until the deadline. However, waiting too long to order is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make. If you’re ordering customized pens for promotions, you should know that the manufacturer will take time to prepare your order.

If you’re too late in placing an order, you might have to settle for the available pens. Thus, make sure you place your order at least five months before your actual promotional event.

Create a timeline for ordering promotional pens, give yourself time to select the right product, and approve the final product with lots of consideration.

Don’t Show Too Much Information:

As a business owner, you want your customers to know more about your business, but personalized pens are not the right place to display all your business information. The promotional pens should contain less information with clean and minimal elements. If there is too much information, the pens will look sloppy and overwhelming.

Don’t Order Based on Price Alone:

Giving away cheap promotional pens can actually affect your overall brand image. To people, the promotional pens are the reflection of your brand. People don’t want to receive cheap items.

There’s a huge difference between cheap and cost-effective promotional products. Remember, your promotional pens directly affect your brand image, so choose them wisely.  Choose pens that are cost-effective, useful, and of high quality.

Don’t Ignore Your Buyer Personas:

One of the biggest things brands avoid while looking for the promotional pen is to neglect their targeted audience. Do not consider your taste and personal preferences while looking for promotional pens.

Try to select promotional pens based on your customers’ choices and demands. If you give the customers what they admire, they would be delighted to receive it. Remember, it takes more than just promoting your business for a giveaway. Do your proper research before actually buying promotional pens.

From trade shows to charity events, promotional pens are a great choice to promote your brand. They’re affordable and useful items that anyone can use at any time. But, by keeping the above-listed precautions in mind, you can easily avoid last-minute rush and wrong decisions.


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