How to upgrade your work place for better productivity

place for better productivity

A writer’s job is nowhere easy to put a grasp on and I myself being a writer can relate to the story pretty well. The hurling traffic outside the house, uncomfortable essence in the room, noisy chairs and many more things to distract not only distract you but lessen the productivity and the pace of working. Many writers often think that the working environment has nothing to do with productivity and honestly could work pretty much anywhere they want to. Possible? Maybe, but not for me.

When I get off my bed to pen down some of the most beautiful thoughts or idea I witnessed lately, shuffling all those ideas and framing a beautiful page of sentences through them needs patience and an atmosphere helping me out to do so. But with my present working space that was not happening for sure. Finding an alternative was the demand of the time so I went over the studies done by authors to enhance the working place.

What I found:

The factual study on the columns of different websites read how small things like lighting and temperature in the room, contaminants in the air, the colors of your wall and even the ceiling of the room could play a crucial role in enhancing or defaming the productivity of your writing and my working place was nowhere close to such standards mentioned in the columns.

The study also stated some simple hacks like getting off those things like cell phones, a tic-tac clock and anything which could distract you in the middle of something.


Basking in the sunlight while sipping coffee I was crafting the ideas to create a space for me that will trigger me and let me imagine and dream the content I write.  Keeping in mind the column I read, I began thinking of some of the small under the budget ideas and tricks to build a better working space and guess what? It really did work for me for good.

The changes not only helped me with writing some of the best content of life but also gave me a feeling like a home that is indescribable. Plus, I was also surprised by the fact that such small things can make a difference.

Get comfy:

No one would like to sit on a chair which makes ghostly sounds, the moment you bend back to relax and stretch your lazy body and honestly my chair was a bunch of those ghosts yelling at the top of their voice that already gave me a reason to get the chair out of my work space. Secondly, begin a writer and student I probably spent half of my day on that chair which gave me back pain at the time and was distracting.

The mission was to get a chair with a better cushioning backrest, adjustable armrests and seat and most importantly Lumbar support. As the talks were about my comfort so spending a little more was acceptable and I suggest you the same. Better chair means improved posture and less back pain and tiredness which directly help you concentrate on your work.

Bring down the pollutants:

This may surprise you but a study done by the California Air Resources Board estimated that the indoor air pollutants level is 25-62% greater than outside level and can pose serious health problems like eye irritation, asthma, headache and dizziness. So the next step was to get that invisible chunk out of the room and the best solution to the problem plants, as research also says that a direct view of a plant on your working desk improves productivity and brings the toxic level in the air down creating a better environment around you. The plants I personally use at my workplace are peace lily, spider plant and garden mum.

In addition, I regularly cleaned my room whenever I use to get time to avoid more toxins building up in the air and if you can do invest in a good air purifier. Humidity is another area to look through as higher the humidity is more irritated and uncomfortable.

That soothing music:

It is not fair to say that everyone would be benefited by this idea as many people prefer dead silence while they go through the lines of the textbooks or articles. Well in my case I do like soothing music in the background as it helps me to fight boredom and saves me from succumbing to the allure of sleeping at my desk.

Stepping aside from the music I generally listen to, I checked some other genres like country music like Owen Campbell-Sunshine Road or some instrumentals beats from Nick Johnson-sand monster. It’s true actually that when you listen to something different from your generic taste, your efficiency skyrockets. This method is used in company CDR Report for Engineers Australia


If you see some natural light coming to your desk from the only window you have in the room then do cover the space with your desk. Natural light is the best for your eyes and the most relaxing to be into what I feel. I do feel a little sleepy at times but is the most comfortable atmosphere to be in.

And later at night, I suggest you keep the artificial light in the room dim as bright lights are harmful to your eyes at night. However, you can follow my footsteps and place a lamp on your desk which is not too bright and also make sure it does not shine directly on your face.

Colours speaks:

Colors are different, colours are pure and they surely have a lot to do with you and the mood you are in. look at your walls and think about the best ideas you can come up to, colour your wall if required or paste some drawings or pictures to motivate you. I have painted my walls with 2 different colours cream and orange and the combination satisfies my eyes like nothing else do. Different colours, different moods.

Red – Red is an intense colour, it raises the energy level when you are around it.

Yellow – Yellow is like a bright yellow sun gazing at you with warmth and affection. Yellow brings happiness.

Blue – Blue makes you productive and encourages you in whatever you are doing. It is said to bring the blood pressure down.

Pink – Pink could be called a girly colour and its effects are totally opposite. Pink calms us and also helps to cut down few of those etc calories.

Purple – Purple is a richest of them all. Purple brings imagination, creativity and a feeling of luxury with itself.

Orange – Orange uplifts you and makes you more confident.


Depending on the place you are in make sure to keep the temperature normal. Researchers noted that when it’s too cold or too warm, you feel distracted, and can’t put all your focus on the work. When I use to feel cold while working, most of my time was wasted in adjusting the blanket over me. You need to focus for better results so make sure the temperature is comfortable to be in. Do not hesitate in investing on a blower or room heater or a cooler in summers respectively.

So these were some simple tips and tricks, when followed by one can result in better productivity thus saving a lot of your time.


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