How to Start Your Own E-commerce Business in 45 Days

Start Your Own E-commerce Business

Planning to start your own Ecommerce business? Or just wondering if how people are making six digits sales every year! Today, we are decoding how you can get started with your own Ecommerce business just in 45 days. So either you are technical experts or just a beginner, this guide will surely help you get started with all the possible things required for this journey. But before we proceed for the process, let’s go through some facts and understand the scope of Ecommerce to make an informed decision.

Since Ecommerce is the most thriving and rapid growing industry of all times, it has made tremendous progress during this decade.To estimate the overall potential or online retail business, research showed that during 2017, the total sales online purchasers made was up to $ 2.3 trillion,and it is expected to reach $ 4.5 trillion by 2021. Moreover, if we talk about the seasonal sales on Black Friday,US online sales revenue made a record of 2.36 billion US dollars sales (source Statista).

Now that you have understood the generosity of online buyers and potential of the online retailing business, let’s begin to set up our own Ecommerce business!

To make the process easier for you,we have divided the tasksinto different parts so that you may plan your business routine and progress accordingly. We have also made this guide easier for beginners who are not much familiar with technologies used to set up a business online, make sure you read details and follow steps accordingly.

Part 1: Passion, Research Niche & Online Presences:

Passion Matters Most:

Most people get instantly inspired by other’s success, forgetting the passion matters most in every business. Let’s say, Uncle Tom started selling electronics and gadgets,and at the end of the year, you found him contented with his sales. It might motivate you how everyday sales brings easy money to your bank,but there is a lot behind just a ‘Sold product’.

So, follow your passion, track what you read and talk most about even if it’s just a headphone or even stationery. In case, you are a die-hearted fan of cars; you can start selling custom car case covers that are cheaper to get in stock and has your interest as well. Note down approximately five things you love most, and want to sell instantly.

There is no shame in ecommerce; you can sell anything even if it’s just a pin, all you need is passion and your own vision not just a temporary inspiration from others. For general ideas, you may opt for some opinions, but do not go for it unless you are genuinely willing to talk, discuss and want to get obsessed with it. (This tip will surely help you at the end, just stick to it)

Research Market:

Research Market for ecommerce business

Let’s take an example of mobile phone covers, custom keychains and stationery items, for now, to understand how you can research your product. To understand the interest and trend rate of this given product, Google Trend is the best place to dig deeper for analysis. Enter each of this product into the Explore section and compare which of these products has got the highest interest rate. Try four to five comparisons and find the most relevant, cost-effective product according to your country and city. You can even conduct the online survey by asking your peers to vote the interesting products this way you will be able to understand which age group is more interested towards what type of products. Make a list of product with highest interest rates and set your budget accordingly.

Online Presences:

Online Presences your ecommerce business

An average size Ecommerce website takes about 4-5 weeks minimum to develop with essential elements. The initial structure of your site does not need to build with all the highly-configured payment methods and features like Amazon. By primary, it should mean that you contact to reliable and high-profile IT firm that build both Ecommerce online store and have an adhesive portfolio of ecommerce mobile app development.

Since our goal is build to own startup brand, then we are likely to focus on one strategy and make it work accordingly. So, once your research is complete, hop on to website domain purchasing sites and keep the easy-peasy name that everyone can easily remember and type on browsers.Once you register the website name, stay in contact with your IT Company for the updates. By the time your website is under construction, sign up for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram and understand how you can use social media market for to market your online store.

Part 2: Ownership, Registration & Hiring:


Ownership of ecommerce business

When it comes to building your own venture, it essential getting your business legally registered which is an integral part of every business strategy. Since registration of your company and owning the property takes time, be wise to begin as early as possible.If you are in Sole Proprietor or Partnership business with any of your peers, make sure to document each of the contract loss and profit conditions before ending up in any fraud or dispute situation.

Registration & Hiring:

Apply for ecommerce business license, to begin with, a secure method that will eventually help you keep the sales tax track accordingly. You can hire lawyers that would be ideal for any sort of situation that hurt your business. Being in the technology industry of software businesses, we always recommend getting started steadily yet safely. Therefore, it might seem costly at the beginning however once your business name and identity (logo) is register get your hands on hiring people who meet the respective qualifications and experience.

Part 3: Product Inventory, Product Designing & Listing:

Product Inventory:        

It is the other name of a hassle, which is why, if you started without paying proper attention to your product inventory, there is no room for proper sales. Let’s say; you choose to come up with six different categories. For each category, you ordered about 100 pieces each.

Once your product is listed, it is essential to manage and organise both, your physical warehouse and your online sales report. Once the product goes out to the customers, the whole series of inventory has to manage and update efficiently while keeping up with the sales margin and records.For this purpose, your daily sales, inventory and new stock details you will need an ecommerce business management company or virtual assistant who can manage and update sheets efficiently.

Product Designing & Listing:

When it comes to displaying your product online, never compromise on quality. In fact, 30 percent of the customers neglect to purchase if they don’t find good image quality. Logically, this makes sense as nobody would risk buying anything unless they examine the product entirely. Therefore, hire a professional graphic designer who can sharpen the image quality and make it attractive to attract visitors instantly. The plus point for hiring a graphic design will benefit you in many ways, for social media posting, for high-quality offers and sales banners, and also for updating your new product images, designed posters, and landing pages for sales purposes.

Product Designing & Listing for ecommerce business

Listing Product is a time taking the task, but the proper your list, the better you sell. If there is a plan to fill hundred different products on to your store, hire a product lister from outsourcing site and pay them hourly. Make sure whoever does the listing adds Meta tags, proper keywords in the listing title and watermarked images of the products. For a quality listing, make sure that the content you add to your website is 100% original and not copied from the other ecommerce site as it will affect your site reputation and ranking as well.

High-End Ecommerce Solutions for Small Businesses:

High-End Ecommerce Solutions for Small Businesses

It is a common misconception that the high-end ecommerce business can only avail the luxuries of online business. Today, nothing is beyond approach for small business,in fact; you can get top-class ecommerce mobile application development services as per surprising package. All you need is to get started with the right company and request for the quote as early as possible. By the time your ecommerce website will get ready you will ultimately have your mobile app ready to be available for the mobile app stores audience as well as audience searching via Google and other search engines available online.

Wrap Up:

Ecommerce is a high revenue-generating industry if the approach and methods are laid with the right decision. Most ecommerce often experience downfall as they are failed to meet the quality standards today’s online purchasers are addicted too. Since there is a lot of potential hidden in the ecommerce market, it is mandatory to approach the right ecommerce solution providing company that is experienced and has resources to provide the adhesive and efficient platform. With attractive user interface, high-quality product presentation and search engine friendly website and mobile app get started today to make your ecommerce business

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