How To Extend The Life Of Your Home Fridge and Microwave oven

Home Fridge and Microwave oven

In this era of fast life, more than money it is difficult to earn time. Technology has advanced from a wheel to a electronics jet today. Although human mind can never devise a machine that can control time, it has innovated various electronic appliances such as fridge to save cooked food, microwave oven to heat cold food, dishwasher for washing the multiple dishes and dryers for handling wet clothes. Imagine, if they were not invented. Devoid of a fridge, you have to prepare fresh food every time, and always buy afresh the vegetables and fruits. Imagine throwing a party to relatives in the weekends. The dishes have to be washed clean. Without the dishwasher, can you keep washing the dishes till the wee hours of the morning? Even though when having the Monday Blues? A dishwasher is a God send in such situations. In the weekdays, you and your spouse hurry off to work. Your children to school. You get up early in the morning, prepare food and go to the office. In the evening, you preheat the food in the oven. Now, imagine if you have to prepare fresh food for dinner? That is where the fridge and microwave oven, dishwasher comes in handy. In this article, we will deal with information on the methods to extend the life of your appliances, the home fridge and microwave oven. Let us look into two of the popular home appliances, fridge and microwave oven.

How can your oven suffer a failure?:

It does not matter if you are using the oven to cook or heat the food, it is essential that you follow a few pointers. Or else, you will come home after a long drive and find that the oven does not work.

Self-cleaning feature:-

Home appliance experts harbor doubts about usage of this feature. Some suggest to use the drip pans for spills and cleaning the mess after heating the food. In case you have a party in the front, do not use the option. And ensure you follow the guidelines as well instructions from the manufacturer prior to using the self-clean option.

Aluminium Foil:-

Never use the foil beneath the bake element in the oven. The reason – it can reflect heat. It can overcook or the worst under cook the food. There can be another way of disaster – the foil will melt, and the oven can suffer the damage of a fire.


Does your oven have a switch to turn off and on? Or is there a dial to adjust the temperature? Then It is mandatory that you should not spray water or cleaning fluid around or over the switch. The reason, they are in connection with electric components. Can you imagine water getting in connection with electricity and the result of your electronic appliance?


Do you see sweat or moisture on the oven door? Then smell a malfunctioning door gasket. Its main responsibility is to keep the temperature in the oven at a constant level. In case of damage, you have to replace the gasket.


So, you have bought a fridge, a expensive one. Is it enough? No. Maintenance is essential to keep the fridge working to its full potential and lifetime. It is designed by a human and it is vincible. Please note the appliance is always running and the doors get opened and closed every time. It will definitely wear over time. So, how do you ensure the proper functioning of the fridge. In fact, prevent refrigerator repair?

Clean The Condenser Coils:-

Condenser coils are among the important parts of a fridge. You can find them either beneath or behind the fridge. Usually this part collects debris, dust as well pet hair in due course of time. For the fridge to function properly, the condenser coils have to be clean to save ten percent of the fridge bills.

Door Of The Fridge:-

If you leave the fridge of the door open, it will make the compressor run hot for a longer period of time. It will also consume more electricity. The compressor can fail completely. Among the expensive parts of a fridge, compressor occupies the first place. Buyers usually look for warranty on compressors while buying the fridge. Ensure the door does not get damaged. Or else the cool air will escape and the fridge has to overwork to keep the interior of its atmosphere cool. It is better to have cleaning door seals or gaskets because they make full contact.

Adequate Air Flow:-

Not only for a fridge, it is necessary to have proper air flow around any electronic appliance. The reason, these electronic devices get heated. If pushed to a corner, then the heat may get trapped. And the parts around the corner may get damaged, leading to failure of the appliance. Home improvement experts recommend allowing many inches of space on the top, as well sides of the fridge. In case of poor air flow, the fridge will be unable to remove the heat. Imagine yourself to be a fridge with coolness in the interior and heat in the exterior? The compressor will have to work overtime to cool the interior, whereas in the exterior it may have to have to face severe heat.

Overloading The Refrigerator:-

The good news is, fridges need little maintenance. The bad news, is that you can make the refrigerator get repaired. Usually, a fridge is made to last a decade, but if they face issues with ice dispensers, water, motor and control boards, then failures can develop. The best way to help the fridge is not to overload the door, shelves and the bins. Usually, unwanted weight can damage the seal and hinges.


So, by reading this article, did you get to know the tips for extending the life of popular home appliances such as fridge and microwave oven? But, the reverse can also happen. Inspite of proper maintenance, let us imagine, by the stroke of bad luck, the fridge malfunctioned. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore. You have recently shifted from Pune for a company appraisal program. Now, being new, you have to depend on referrals or search on established websites. You have to waste time checking the charges and calling on fridge repair technicians. You also cannot take it to the authorized centre for refrigerator service in Bangalore, the reason, the warranty has expired.

But able help is always available at hand. A new set of companies have emerged on the horizon, and they offer doorstep repair services to customers. It is also very easy to avail of their services. All these companies have apps. It is very easy to download the apps, install them in the mobile and then book a service. You can even hire the services of a reputed fridge repair technician through this method. He will come and fix the appliance at your own schedule and convenience. There will be no hidden charges, and the appliance can be restored to normalcy easily. You can book the service from the comfort of your home or gym or office within three minutes.

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