How To Clean The 8 Difficult Corners Of The House

How To Clean The 8 Difficult Corners Of The House

We all have weaknesses, including your house. Did you just perform the general cleaning and do you think it is completely clean? Surely it would not take great efforts to get the colors with dirt hidden in any of the difficult corners of the house. Corners and objects that due to their difficult access or their peculiar shape tend to accumulate dirt although we strive to clean.

Television control:

As happens with the mobile phone, the controls of household appliances (dvd, videogames, air conditioning, etc.) often pass through different hands continuously, which makes them a store of leftovers and bacteria. To clean the controls of the house we can use pressure air cleaners in combination with special wipes for these devices. You can also use a moistened cloth with a few drops of a disinfectant product without bleach. Although we advise you to be careful with the drawings of the remote, which could be erased if you rub.


Permanently exposed to dirt from the outside, they are usually the forgotten ones of the house. However, a dirty blind can give a careless image of our home from the outside. In the case of Venetian blinds, it will be enough to use a cotton glove moistened in water (add a splash of vinegar if they are wooden slats) and slide your hands between the slots. Further. As we already told you on the topic of how to clean traditional blinds, the brush nozzle of the vacuum cleaner will allow you to remove the accumulated dust and dirt. A cloth with water and ammonia will serve to clean the slats.

Ceiling fan:

A pillow case will help you to eliminate accumulated dirt in the blades. You will need a ladder to place yourself at the height of the fan. First of all, we advise you to place a wide towel on the floor, under the fan, to collect the possible remains that fall. Prepare a mixture of water with a splash of vinegar and spray it inside the pillow case. Then, introduce each blade in the sleeve, applying the cleaning solution as many times as necessary to trap dust and dirt.


A sump with bad odor conditions the cleanliness of a kitchen or bathroom. Learn to unclog it and eliminate the bad smell that comes off with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar with this trick to remove the bad smell in the drains

Keyboard and computer mouse:

Like the control of any device in the house, the keyboard of a computer usually accumulates remains of all kinds that result in the proliferation of a number of bacteria that would surprise you. The spray of compressed air is usually the most useful to clean key by key thoroughly and get extract all the debris. Check our tips for cleaning a laptop to know more about how to keep a keyboard clean. The mouse is a case similar to that of the computer since it happens every day in many hands (especially if it is a shared job). In short, it is a focus of germs of the first order. Before cleaning it you must disconnect it from the computer. Use a compressed air sprayer to remove dirt from the grooves and trackball and then go over the entire surface with a dust trap.


If you want the mattresses of your home to last for many years, we advise you to clean them weekly with homemade ingredients such as bicarbonate and ammonia. Also, it is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning of the mattress a couple of times a year, using specialized foam.


Having a radiator full of dust and dirt can become an unhealthy focus in the home, especially when living with allergies. In addition, dirt makes the device have to spend more energy to heat and operate properly. You can use a moistened cleaning brush to descale the dirt from the difficult corners between the sheets of the appliance, and then thoroughly vacuum all the remains.

The kitchen cabinets:

The cupboards of the kitchen cabinets are another of those difficult recons that tend to fill with fat easily. If we do not clean them regularly, a sticky layer will be created that will be harder to clean in the long run. You can use a mop to access height and cover it with a deal or a pillowcase to make it easier to drag dirt. We recommend a first pass with a degreasing product or a mixture of water and ammonia, then rinse with a second pass and dry the surface.


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