Pre-Production Inspection: Benefits for Buyers


Before the beginning or end of the final production of the product shipment, the pre-production inspection should be conducted by a company.

This inspection service is one of the least used inspection services out of four types of quality inspection services available for import companies. Moreover, for consumer products and industrial goods, hiring inspection companies is the best option to monitor their products.

When and Where the Pre-Production Inspection Can be Conducted ?

For hiring the inspection companies for conducting pre-production inspection totally depends on the import companies. Look at the image given below to show you how pre-production inspection should be conducted:

Pre-production inspection

Hiring an inspection company very early also means to make sure that the production of the product starts early without any issues and delays. If the supplier company want to give a high priority to other products, they should simply analyze and monitor the progress which will make them think about their decision twice.

Activities Done During Pre-Production Inspection :

The supplier companies should mention it clear what the inspection companies should pay the attention to.

These are some of the 4 things covered by the pre-production inspection:

  • Mass Production Processes: The supplier company might have mentioned all of their requirements on how to manufacture, and they required to check whether the implementation of product manufacturing is done in the right way.
  • Prototype: Giving the samples for large products like furniture can be a bit expensive. Instead of that, you should send an inspector for checking it and send you the pictures, so that one reference it for manufacturing it without wasting any time.
  • Components or Materials: Nowadays many factories use cheap materials they find out, and most of them are not aware of the rules and regulations of the import countries. If you don’t want to take any sort of risk, the inspectors can make a few samples you required and they can be sent to the testing lab. They can easily verify all properties like color, weight, size etc.
  • Making First Product: There are scenarios where the buyer cannot manufacture the best sample unless they get the right materials and the bulk production of it is started. This is the best time to check whether the manufacturing company will be able to produce products as per required specifications.

How Does Pre-Production Inspection Works ?

The process of pre-production inspection can change from one inspection company to another. However, you can find below all the operational steps required for pre-production inspection on a regular basis:

  • Inspection companies check for the availability of raw materials and collect various samples of products for inspection if possible
  • Inspection companies should always be in touch with the import companies for finding out about inspection dates
  • Inspection companies should send qualified inspectors for the inspection, who frequently visits various factories for inspection
  • If the offer is accepted the inspection company, the import company needs to pay for the inspection and book it
  • After the import company receives the information from the supplier company, you are required to prepare a deal by outlining the inspection guidelines and borders
  • The applicant company has to fill the form either online or the hard copy to get the quotation of the prices for the inspection companies
  • The import companies from there on will be called an applicant company applies for the independent inspection company for booking the pre-production inspection
  • After the entire inspection is completed, the inspector writes the report about the quality of the product. The report shows that whether scheduling, raw material, or production planning are according to the terms mentioned in the contract or not.

Conclusion :

These were some of the main benefits why import companies should hire pre-production inspection companies like ProQC (Inspection services in Europe). They will always be there to guide you about how your current manufacturing process and activities are going on and what all changes can be made in the existing process.


There are times when the entire cycle takes a whole week, so the inspector cannot see the finished product at all. So it may be difficult to verify or get any idea about the product. Therefore, once your initial product batch is manufactured than only you should book for the inspection.

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