5 Tips for Calling in More Coyotes


Thanks to the modern technology because it has made it possible to hunt coyote, unlike in the past. Many coyote hunters find it easy hunting where there are several packs of a coyote. It’ll be easy for your trap to land on a coyote in places where they’re many. The question that many hunters keep asking is:How do I call many coyotes?

In this article, you’ll find best ways to lure your prey in your direction hence making your hunting easy. Here are the tips;

1. Have various call devices while hunting

One thing about coyotes is that they learn pretty fast, and the ones that are alive today have overcome numerous challenges. The challenges include the calls that you make in your attempt to entice them. It calls for more devices that can enable you to make multiple calls without raising the suspicion of the prey.

I wouldn’t set for hunting if I don’t have any of these three devices; a good electronic call, diaphragm and a hand call. To be honest with you, it’s nearly impossible to bring a coyote to your setting without good technology.

In addition, you need weapons such as a rifle and a short-gun. It’s an added advantage when your rifle has the best holographic sight that makes it easy to illuminate your target even from far. Weapons with holographic sights can improve your accuracy while hunting.

2. Use of ‘estrus chirp

This calling isn’t popular among many hunters, therefore, the few hunters who employ it in their hunting take less time to entice the preys. It’s equivalent to yodeling of the female dogs during mating that when male coyotes hear, they’ll respond instantly.


A renowned hunter, Randy Anderson came up with the video with the sound that many successful hunters use. In fact, the three times winner of the World Coyote Calling Championship, Al Morris uses it. If you need a number ofthe sex-thirsty male coyote in a minute, then this is the way, but you must employ it in mating seasons.

3. Use of yelp and whine calls during ‘denning period.’

The ‘denning period’ is the time the coyotes take while staying around their dens just to guard their pups. The period comes soon after a-62 day gestation period and lasts for close to two months. What you need to know about coyotes is that they’re overprotective when it comes to guarding their young ones. This means that any yelp sound in the month of May up to July would invite many male dogs.

4. Time to make the call

You may be overlooking the time to make calls, but it really matters. There are times that even if you tactful calls, coyotes are hesitant in responding. The ideal time is from dawn to early morning hours. It can also work for you if you take your adventure at dusk.

The reasons for these timing is that coyotes rise when they’re seriously hungry, so they pay attention to all calls. Dusk is ideal make sounds because it’s the time when coyotes are giving up their search for the prey. They’re desperate for anything.

5. Use of coyotes’ vocalization

You can’t find it wrong if you adopt coyote vocalization. What aids this finding is the fact that coyotes only have 11-13 vocals that you can’t fail to figure. If you need a high number of coyotes to turn to the direction of your trap, then vocalization will work.

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