3 Benefits of Binge-watching TV Shows in Real Life

TV Shows in Real Life

Do you watch web series? You sat on your couch munching popcorn and ended up watching Netflix for six hours. It is fine and there is no need to feel guilty. We all do the same and studies show that 61 percent of people binge-watch. Marathon watching of shows is the new trend for millennials who consume media in our current digital arena. Your addiction to TV shows need not be mindless. It is healthy entertainment. Did you know watching good TV shows is a good thing after all? Here are three of the key reasons why binge-watching is beneficial in real life:

1. Learning to focus:

Today, we have smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. We are juggling between them. After all, multitasking is not that beneficial as is a common perception. You cannot focus on any one thing if you constantly juggle between devices or tasks.

Surprisingly, watching Netflix or Amazon Prime at your free time helps you to focus. When you watch back-to-back episodes of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, you are focusing on a single thing for many hours. It helps you to focus back on the real things in life. It helps in your personal and professional life.

2. Immersing oneself in stories:

There is nothing wrong when you binge-watch shows. You work for the whole week. You need some me-time as well to sit down, shut down your PC, and unwind while watching TV shows. You learn to immerse yourself into engaging stories. There are many shows to binge watch such as Scared Games, Stranger Things, or Breathe for that matter.

Think of the story characters. Realize how they fit into the big world out there. Think about the bigger cultural tales against which these stories are built. Every good show has a narrative and your aim is to understand the story. Identify visual details, focus on dialogues, understand body language, and understand the show’s production values.

3. Knowing the real world:

We all like stories. We have experiences that have shaped the way we deal with people, surroundings, and the real world at large. You know where you are heading in life and every people you meet have a different story to narrate.

When you binge-watch several episodes of a show, you become a better reader of people’s stories. If you watch West Wing, you will realize how good people dedicate their lives for the sake of the greater welfare. You can watch shows that have multiple characters, complex plots, and mammoth challenges to overcome.

When you watch these shows, you try to see things from people’s perspective. If you had been in the same situation, how you would have reacted.

Binge-watching realistic TV shows give you a fair idea of the world we live in and survive. How you fight your demons and come out as a winner. Many shows are eye-openers. For example, House of Cards will tell you the opportunism that exists in the world of politics.


Every TV show is not mindless watching. Many shows help you focus on stories, characters, situations, and different cultures.

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